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Yoga Expert Latham Thomas Helps Mamas Be Comfortable in the New Bravado Designs Yoga Nursing Bra #BeComfortable #BravadoYoga

Robert Sturman

My community of girlfriends, whether I've known them since our days swooning over boys on the football team in high school or if we've met over cocktails while checking out trendy new products at a blogger event here in NYC and instantly clicked --I'm so lucky to have a tribe of women I'm truly able to be comfortable in my skin with. One thing I know we all have in common is that as mothers, wives and business women we are multi-tasking nurturers who try to find the balance in the midst of juggling everything we have going on. It's surely no easy task but nonetheless those rare "me-time" moments are so very welcomed even if squeezed in between nursing or pumping to fill bottles, business meetings and school pick ups.

In mid-October in celebration of the launching of Bravado Designs New Body Silk Seamless yoga nursing bra and National Yoga Month,my dear friend Latham Thomas, {who I met at a launch party for celebrity stylist June Ambrose's eyewear line} who is a rockstar & expert in the realm of all things wellness, partnered with the brand to host a "Be Comfortable" yoga session at the newly opened Five Little Pillars yoga studio on Madison Avenue.

That morning I was beyond excited for the afternoon class, I hadn't been to a yoga class in nearly a year but always felt ah-mazing after leaving all my stress on the mat. I made sure to wear the new bra I received in charcoal heather (also comes in pink heather) that was so graciously sent to me prior to the class to try out. Ladies, I kid you not- even if you aren't in the nursing stage it's ok, you will absolutely love this bra anyway! There's nothing better than a bra that allows you to #becomfortable - I mean we live in them all day, they should feel great to wear, right?

According to a recent survey conducted during National Yoga Month, the vast majority of moms say that comfort is by far the most important factor when choosing a nursing bra for light activity – yet nearly half of all women say their current nursing bra used for light activity and/or yoga is just “so-so.” For those women surveyed who would rather go to the dentist (23 percent), do their taxes (16 percent), have a bikini wax (25 percent) or renew their license at the DMV (24 percent), rather than wear an uncomfortable nursing bra - nearly half said their current bra doesn’t fit well and a quarter of women also said they don’t like the way their current bra looks or it doesn’t mold to their body’s changing shape.  For the more than half of moms who practice yoga and/or do a light activity three to four times a week, a comfortable nursing bra is key.

With convertible criss-cross straps and four-way stretch fabric that molds to a woman’s changing shape, whether in the third trimester or throughout breastfeeding, the Body Silk Seamless Yoga nursing bra is luxuriously soft, seamless and wire-free for added comfort. It also features removable foam inserts for shape and discretion, as well as easy open and close clips and full drop-away bra cups for skin-to-skin contact. The bra also comes with a conversion kit for extended usage. Now moms can indulge in their favorite yoga practice or activity, in total comfort and style. The bra also features patented Silverbreeze technology which is an antimicrobial finish that is applied to the fabrics which prevents the growth of odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew that can cause unpleasant odors and premature decay of fabric and discoloration. This great feature means it'll stay fresh through your most rigorous Vinyasa class, Pilates routine and power walks.

“I’ve been teaching expectant and new moms yoga for years, and finding a comfortable nursing bra is a common concern I hear,” said Yoga expert, maternity lifestyle guru and Mama Glow co-founder, Latham Thomas. “I love that Bravado Designs has introduced a solution – a bra that feels comfortable and doesn’t restrict your movement.  It makes all the difference in the world, especially for an expectant or new mom whose body is constantly changing.”


Latham offers her top three favorite poses, that can easily be done at home, to help nursing moms feel their most comfortable.

·      Child’s Pose (Restore): This gentle stretch calms the brain, helping to relieve stress and fatigue, along with back and neck pain. It also helps stretch the hips, thighs and ankles. 

Instructional Tip: Kneel down to your mat and touch your big toes together. Then, press your hips back toward your heels, separate your knees to hips-width and lay your torso down onto the floor or a bolster. Simply breathe deeply and rest for 5-to-10 breaths to feel the benefits.

·      Leg Drain (Rejuvenate): Leg drain pose is an easy way to refresh and combat sleep deprivation by boosting circulation and helping to drain lymph and other fluids that have pooled in your legs, angles and feet.   

Instructional Tip: Find a wall and, lay on your back with your legs straight up against the wall. If you want, lay a folded blanket or towel under your lower back for extra comfort.  Now, rest in this posture for 20 minutes; it's equivalent to taking a two-hour nap!

·      Reclined Cobbler’s Pose (Restore): Reclined cobbler's pose is a restorative posture that supports the spine and opens the chest and heart area. This is especially comforting for nursing moms who often suffer mid back and shoulder pain from hunching forward and flexing shoulders with little or improper cushion support when breastfeeding. 

Instructional Tip:  Stack blocks on an angle and lay your bolster over the blocks so it is at a 45-degree angle. Bring your sacrum to the base of the bolster, press hands into the floor and feet into the floor as you gently lie back. Allow the spine to rest over the bolster, relax your neck and head and open your chest. Draw the soles of your feet together and let the knees splay out to the sides. Rest your arms to the sides, palms face up.

Robert Sturman

After penning love notes to ourselves,  to top the lovely afternoon guests were all treated to a personal portrait during a mini photo session with internationally recognized yoga photographer Robert Sturman, who shot us while showing of our favorite yoga poses. We all truly enjoyed this intimate yoga session and I need you guys to give this bra a try and tell me how much you love it. I promise you will want to wear it all the dang time and will even forget you have one on.

Thank you to Bravado Designs, Latham Thomas and Five Pillars Yoga for having me!

Bravado Designs Body Silk Seamless Yoga Nursing Bra is currently available in Charcoal Heather and Pink Heather for $55.00 in the US and Canada at www.BravadoDesigns.com and National and Specialty retailers including Diapers.com, Breakout Bras.com, Figure 8 Maternity.com, Bosom Buddies, The Pump Station, Yummy Mummy, and in Canada at West Coast Kids, Snuggle Bugz, andWell.ca.

Disclosure: I was invited to this event as media and received a gift bag for my attendance. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and no other compensation for this post was received.

Angry Birds 'Red' Balloon Debuts in the 2015 Thanksgiving Day Parade in Anticipation for New #AngryBirdsMovie

With Thanksgiving day only 2 days away I've got to tell you in all honesty I'm not a fan of the infamous bird for dinner. I know it's tradition, I know if you add a little tart, yet sweet cranberry sauce or marshmallow covered yams on the side, it jazzes up what I'd find to be really dry and turns it into something a little tastier. But I'd much much rather have a savory ham! And funny enough just yesterday a handful of NYC local bloggers were invited out to a "Birdless" Thanksgiving feast with all the fixings by Sony Pictures to get sneak peaks at the upcoming  3D animated, 2016 summer release of  The Angry Birds movie & to celebrate the NEW "Red" Angry Birds balloon being featured in this year's 89th annual Macy's Thanksgiving day Parade.


Of course it was fitting that the main dish was a pig roast because these adorably colorful yet feisty and comedic birds are not fans of chowing down on other feathered friends but would sacrifice a pig in a heart beat. If you're not familiar with the family friendly games from Rovio (with players having downloaded more than 3 billion Angry Birds games) it's an all out battle between the birds and those bad, egg stealing piggies which will be no different in the upcoming film where we'll discover why these birds are just so angry!

It's always amazing to see how many millions of people both that live locally and travel from all over during the wee hours of the morning to see this parade. It doesn't matter how old you are, how early or cold it may be or whether you're down on the streets or peaking down from the windows in the warm & toasty buildings over-looking, The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is one of the best NYC traditions I've ever witnessed and implore everyone to do at least once!  As a kid my mom would layer us to the point where we thought we couldn't actually walk, make hot chocolate and feed us a hearty bowl of apple-cinammon oatmeal before we trekked uptown to the top of the parade at 5am and proudly claimed our spots on the city sidewalk located near food and the closest restroom, of course! And not surprisingly her efforts to make the day special were well after she spent hours in the kitchen preparing our holiday meal the night before. Attending the parade is one of the highlights of this time of year for me, whether i'm out there intermixed with the enthusiastic crowds or watching it live on T.V

There's nothing like the wonderment you can see glimmering from the eyes of lil' monsters as they sit perched on their parents shoulders & their eyes cascade quickly from the ginormous helium balloons drifting by to the vibrant floats who carry kid friendly tv characters and pop stars who energetically dole out songs  & high fives to all down below.

The new "Red" Angry bird surely won't disappoint in comparison to other anticipated balloons from years past - at a whopping 45.5 feet tall and 44 feet long. Amy Kule, executive producer of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in a statement for USA today said  “With his trademark angry look, but lovable personality, Red will protect his precious egg as he takes flight down the streets of Manhattan and into the hearts of millions of spectators lining the Parade route and tens of millions more watching from homes across the country.”

Just like the parade, the ever so popular Angry Birds games and weekend trips to the movies allow for families to spend quality time together and we can't wait to see the new balloon take flight this Thanksgiving and the fun-filled movie next summer!

            Have you ever experienced  the parade in person before? Do you have a favorite Angry Bird you're looking forward to seeing in action in the movie?

Disclosure: All opinions expressed are 100% my own. No compensation was received for this post.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Help Little Ones Sleep Easier with the New Vicks Sweet Dreams Humidifier #GIVEAWAY

Oh the irony in me writing this post is that my 5 year old is tossing and turning beside me & our ten year old just went back to bed, all because their noses are red, stuffy and they are both in the middle of battling relentless colds. I guess I shouldn't be surprised with the abnormal and inconsistent weather we've been having, one minutes the temperatures are in the mid 60's and then there are mornings when it's 45 degrees when they walk out the door. I never know how to dress them without them complaining that they have on too many layers or that it's too windy and cold and wanted a hat. So it was only a  matter of time before we'd have to whip out the humidifiers and signal the troops {thermometers, tissues, cold medicines and more} to tackle cold and flu season.

Fortunately for me, I had attended a press preview last month for the New Vicks Sweet Dreams Cool Mist  Humidifier and their line of products that help prep for those extra germy days we wish we could avoid. If you have little ones they'll love being able to rest under this adorable humidifier's projections of zoo animals, sea creatures and constellations that will distract them from the uncomfortable symptoms of being sick & take them quietly into dreamland. My 5 year loves to turn on nightlights at bedtime so this is perfect because it kills two birds with one stone.

In addition to the dream inspired projections, the filter-free humidifier quietly releases cool mist into the air which provides much needed comfort and relief when the kiddies are suffering from nasal and chest congestion. And when needed you can place two Vicks scent pads for long lasting and soothing menthol vapors, which I personally love love the smell of. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends using s cool mist humidifier throughout the winter months to help relieve congestion and coughs for children.


  • Filter free and ultra quiet operation.
  • Humidity control
  • Up to 24 hour operation using a 1 gallon tank.
  • Independently controlled projector with choice of 3 themes.
  • Auto shut off when empty
  • Best used in medium sized rooms

For $59.99 you can purchase this humidifier in Blue or Pink at Babies R 'Us, Amazon, Meijer and Drugstore.com

A fun moment during the event was that we had the chance to meet and interact with some really cool animals from chameleons and chinchillas to frogs that reminded us of the animal friends projected on the ceiling. I'm obsessed with frogs and couldn't stop cheeseball smiling while holding a pair of cute and slimy ones who seemed to be exploring me as they climbed up on my arm and leaped up onto my shoulder.

An absolute must during this time of year is to have a reliable and accurate thermometer at home to determine the severity of a change in temperature. The new Vicks Smart Temp Thermometer will blow your mind and help make life so much easier. I for one know i've had instances where i'd be at work and the hubby or my parents had to stay home with our boys and we'd have inaccurate accounts for temperatures when it was time to bring the kids into the pediatrician. This new thermometer uses Bluetooth technology and a free companion app to not only take temperatures but stores a record of temperatures for every family member. No more going to the doctor and being unprepared!

Parents can set up individualized profiles for each family member and store their history on their iOS or Android device. You can even export the readings from the app via email to share the information easily with doctors, school nurses and other caregivers. Another great feature is that you can set reminders for when to retake temperatures or to give medicine.

  • Wireless temperature readings to the free companion app anywhere using Bluetooth technology
  • Track full temperature history stored by individual profiles for each family member.
  • Flexible tip for comfortable oral, rectal or underarm use.
  • Fever InSight changes the phone screen color based on the temperature range.
  • Export temperature readings and symptoms via email
  • Set temperature and medicine 
For $24.99 you can purchase this iOS and Android compatible thermometer at Babies R Us, Rite Aid, CVS Baby Aisle, Meijer, H-E-B, Amazon and Drugstore.com 

                                                       *  GIVEAWAY *

We've teamed up with two of our fave mom bloggers Denise of Boyzruleourworld.com and Tiffani of Mymommyvents.com to offer one lucky a reader a Cold & Flu Prize Prep prize pack to help keep the winter coughs and sniffles away.

In our house we always have vicks vaporub and nyquil on hand to help the kids sleep better as they battle colds. Both my husband and I grew up with these products in our medicine cabinets and remember the days of being slathered down in Vaporub after a warm bath almost instantly when our parents discovered we were sick. We typically give NYquil to relieve cold symptoms like soar throats and a runny nose and put tissues near our boys beds while we wait for symptoms to subside.

Answer this Question in the comments below: Which of the three themed projections would be your little ones favorite?

Enter the rafflecopter below for a chance to win & good luck! Giveaway closes on December 4th 2015. Entrants mus be 18+ and has 24 hours to reply. Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery of prize and hosts are not responsible for delivery.

 For more info on Vicks humidifiers stop by here

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Wilson Family Firsts in the 2016 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring : Apple Picking at Barton Orchards #DriveMazda

Dislcosure: We were provided this car to review by Mazda and Drive Shop. All opinions expressed are 100% our own and there was no compensation for this post.

I'm not one for glorifying being busy, unfortunately it's such an overly used phrase these days and every time I hear myself utter the words "I don't have time" I cringe. Lately it seems our schedules are all over the place with my hubby working in the culinary industry, sometimes 7 days a week and me juggling a PT office job and my event coordinating and freelance writing positions. If we aren't working then we are running all over this city attending the several blogger events that, although enjoyable fill our calendars. We marvel in any downtime we get where all 4 of us can just enjoy some qt time together and are hoping to enjoy life a little bit more without any specific agenda.

We realize more and more that as our boys are getting older and are no longer my little babies (Tristan just turned 5, at the end of October) before ya know it, they'll be headed to junior high, attending their high school proms, going off to college & leaving the nest. It's because of my mom that I'm always on the go, she kept us busy with trips to the zoo, museums and other touristy NYC locations, all via public transportation. We want the boys to also be able to explore outside of  the 5 boroughs and to look back on all the memorable moments & adventures we've had. With that said this post is not only a car review of the new  2016 Mazda CX-5 but the introduction to our new series #WilsonFamilyFirsts where we'll be sharing first time experiences and videos! So please do leave comments on what you think of it, and suggestions for firsts we need to try.

I'm always nagging the hubby about planning more of our family outings and he always retorts "guys don't make plans, at least not way in advance" so imagine my surprise when with a sprinkle of spontaneity he told us to get dressed for a day out with our monsters. For years he's always wanted to go apple picking, he's been dreaming of all the things he can whip up in the kitchen with apples fresh off the tree, from pies and milkshakes to smothered with porkchops. 

Two weeks ago thanks to Mazda and Driveshop we took to test out the 2016 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring and ventured off to Barton Orchards. I've got to tell you we were really impressed with this crossover. Of course the soul red metallic color was a hit with the boys, it must be a guy thing because anything that comes in red or black are a must have! Personally I thought the car was really sleek and gorgeous to drive around in, it really popped against all the fall foliage. But if red isn't your style it comes in 7 other color choices (jet black, meteor gray, deep crystal blue, titanium flash, sonic silver metallic, blue reflex and like the solar red for with an extra cost option there's crystal white pearl)

                                                              Stand Out Features
  • Named 2015 top safety pick plus by the IIHS when equipped with available Smart City Brake Support which helps prevent frontal collisions when driving over speeds of 10 MPH. With kids in the car it's great to know that if the system determines that an accident is unavoidable it will apply the breaks automatically. 
  • The hubby was a fan of the distance recognition system which gives visual warnings on the display screen and the adaptive lighting which came in handy since it gets dark earlier and we made several turns driving in areas that were pitch black and lacking street lights. 
  • SKYACTIVE Technology  {this was all a bit over my head} but it allows the car to be more efficient, provides lower emissions and with a lighter designed body they've still managed to  increase crash safety performance. 
  • The Mazda Connect is an "infotainment" system that let's you control and customize your Mazda's features , connections and entertainment. It was really easy to use with a control knob and really large touch screen.
  • It's a 5 passenger crossover SUV that was really spacious for us, the boys didn't feel like they were squished next to each other in the back even with Tristan's bulky car seat and their was ample trunk space to pack enough for a traveling. And I'm short but I definitely noticed more leg room. 

Below you can see how on the left hand side the display indicates if the driver is over the speed limit.

 Check out our video and a few pictures from our day, we really lucked out with gorgeous weather with temperatures in the low 70's.

I don't think they'll ever forget the very first apple that they reached out to pick from a tree on tip toes and atop their daddy's shoulder,  they were so excited.

Cheeseball smiling after picking my very first apple.

Mike had to shine his up really good for the camera.

Comparing who had the reddest, shiniest and juiciest apple, pretty tough decision making. 

Have you gone apple picking before, if so where do you go? 

We really hope you enjoyed the first post in our new series Wilson Family Firsts, we'll have a part two to the apple picking posts to give you more details on our experience at Bartons. 
And if you want to see future videos, make sure you are following us on youtube!

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The Release of Disney's Aladdin Diamond Addition with The Moms #AladdinMoms

The Mom's Network

Aladdin has always been a favorite Disney movie of mine & I'm happy I got to share it with my daughters, Naya 4 and Lanna 2. My girls have watched movies before but this was their first time watching one in a real movie theater, buttered popcorn and all. It was so much fun singing along and watching it with them through their eyes during the screening event with The Moms Network.

The Moms Network

The Mom's Network

The Mom's Network

Aladdin and Jasmine have always been great role models: Aladdin is so determined and was out to prove that he was more than just a street rat while Jasmine was strong willed and wasn't the type of princess that just wanted to get married.  Princess Jasmine was the first Disney princess doll that my older daughter owned. There aren't that many dolls of color out there and I felt it was important for my daughters of mixed heritage (Trinidadian and Filipino) to have dolls that looked more like them. 

The Mom's Network

The Moms Network

The kids were so adorable in their Jasmine costumes and got to show them all off on stage. After the movie we were lucky to have Scott Weinger and Linda Larkin, the voices of Aladdin and Jasmine make an appearance and answer questions from the audience. Weinger may look familiar to you if you were also a fan of a little show called Full House in the 90's. He played DJ Tanner's boyfriend Steve on the show. He mentioned how he actually took Candace Cameron to the screening of Aladdin when it opened in 1992. Both Weinger and Larkin we're excited to be sharing Aladdin with a whole new generation again. 

The Moms Network

Surprisingly Weinger's 6 year old son, Mischa has only recently seen the film. It's one of those movies that is perfect for boys, girls and even adults. Larkin said, "The Genie resonates with adults, there are jokes in there that I got when watching it again." Both Weinger and Larkin were visibly emotional when an audience member asked who played the voice of the Genie. Weinger gathered himself and replied, "A great actor named Robin Williams played the Genie."  It was also my first time watching the film after his passing over a year ago and I too got emotional. 

The two answered more questions from the audience, "Is there going to be an Aladdin 2?" They're too young to know that there was already a sequel. Weinger mentioned a few that went straight to video, Aladdin and the King of Thieves and Return of Jafar. Larkin adds there was even Aladdin the series.  One of The Moms, Melissa Gerstein asked, "Have you seen the Broadway show?" They actually were on their way to see it that afternoon. I think Naya actually saw it on Broadway first before she saw the cartoon movie. I loved how they really brought it to life! 

When they're not playing Aladdin and Jasmine, Larkin is a New Yorker and does a ton of voice over work, most notably on the Royal Caribbean seashell. She's traveling to Florida and California promoting the release of @Disney's Aladdin Diamond Edition. While Weigner is based out in L.A. writing and producing, most recently for Black-ish and Galavant. 

The Moms Network

The Moms Network

Disney's Aladdin Diamond Edition is now available in stores nation wide and would make the perfect gift for kids of all ages! A special thank you to The Moms for having us.

What's your favorite scene from this classic Disney 

Contributor: Grace Andrews is a Queens mom to two little girls, 4 and 2. She loves taking them on adventures all over the city. When she's not busy doing that, she works in the Education Department at the New York Hall of Science (NYSCI). Opinions expressed are 100% her own and she received no compensation for this post.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Lil' Monsters in NYC: The Hip Hop Nutcracker

The Hip Hop Nutcracker

Most weekends if you find that we've stayed home & walk passed our apartment door you'd hear music streaming down the halls and if you glanced inside you'd see my boys singing and dancing along while they giggle & whip and nae-nae. Dance parties are one of our fave ways to pass the time when hanging in doors. Our ten year old CJ studies ballet 3 days a week but also loves all the current dance trends you find going viral in dubsmash videos these days and on popular shows like Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance. At 5 years old Tristan has an inner B-boy in him and loves to spin and slide across the floor with the swag of a professional street dancer. Fostering a love for the arts is something we've always found to be essential while raising our boys here in NYC, with an array of performances to engage and excite kids of all ages.

On November 20 and 21 “The Hip Hop Nutcracker” returns to the United Palace (4140 Broadway at 175th Street, NY, NY) to kick off a 12-city tour, including Miami, Atlanta, St. Paul, Charleston, Charlotte, and Moscow, Russia.

The show features the music from Tchaikovsky’s “The Nutcracker”, 11 dancers, DJ Boo, an electric violinist, and digital scenery that complements the adapted storyline, which locates the action to New Year’s Eve in a contemporary Washington Heights community in New York City. The adaptation is respectful of the traditional narrative with references to beloved touchstones like the Mouse King and growing tree. 

The production inserts the vocabulary of hip hop movement to what has traditionally been a classical ballet, broadening the audience for the art form. The variety of styles represented (breaking, popping, locking, etc.) serve as a history lesson of hip hop dance.

The Hip Hop Nutcracker

“What better way to bring people together during the holidays than to combine different popular art forms to reach as wide an audience as possible, then dip this classic story in a contemporary setting that celebrates community,” said Mike Fitelson, executive director of the United Palace of Cultural Arts who adapted the story and is supplying the imagery for the scenery. “This production is the perfect symbol of how we are combining old and new to reinvent the United Palace. It has become a new holiday tradition here.”

To highlight the union of past and present the special guest for the November 20 show is the “King of Rap” Kurtis Blow who charted the first rap gold record with “The Breaks” in 1980. (His other hits include “Basketball,” “Christmas Rappin’,” and “If I Ruled the World.”) 
“I’m always excited about any undertaking that expands the culture of hip hop,” said Blow. “I feel blessed after 45 years to still be able to contribute.”

“We were faithful to the music and let it drive the storytelling,” said director/choreographer Jennifer Weber of Decadeance theatre. “The juxtaposition of the hip hop dance and classical music allows you to see the beauty of both in fresh ways, finding new rhythms in the music to accentuate. Since Tchaikovsky's score doesn't have a predictable beat, there is always a sense of surprise in the movement.”


Last year “The Hip Hop Nutcracker” was an experiment - how would audiences respond to hip hop dance being performed to Tchaikovsky's famous score? But after 5,000 audience members attended two shows at the United Palace in Washington Heights and two sold out shows at New Jersey Performing Arts Center it was clear that the metropolitan area had another hit holiday show on its hands.

Time Out New York called it “a classic rebooted.” CBS News said it “turns Tchaikovsky on his head in the coolest possible way.” And Elle magazine summed it up as “A truly one-of-a-kind experience, filled with high-powered choreography and a very modern storyline.”
The November 21 matinee show is a benefit for youth arts programs at the United Palace of Cultural Arts (UPCA), the nonprofit that co-created the show with Decadance theatre Company last year. 

The New Jersey Performing Arts Center is producing the 2015-2016 show. The United Palace of Cultural Arts is the original producing theatre.
Where:           United Palace, 4140 Broadway at 175th Street, New York, NY
                        Friday, November 20, 8:00pm, with special guest Kurtis Blow, the “King of Rap.”
                        Saturday, November 21, matinee performance at 2:00pm  
(Doors open 90 minutes before each show.)
Tickets:          $10.00 - $100.00 at www.unitedpalace.org/UPCA  or call 212-568-1157
Group Sales: Email mikef@unitedpalace.org  or call 212-568-1157

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Car Review: 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage ES - Where Style Meets Function #DriveMitsubishi

mitsubishi mirage ES - Dellah's Jubilation

For a while now my hubby has been harassing me about the need for our city dwelling family to get a car and I honestly just didn't see the point. Traffic is horrible, finding parking is a disaster,and everyone I know complains about the price of gas so why on earth would I think we needed a car? I've grown up in Queens all my life and know the subway system like the back of my hand and to be honest, I don't even know how to drive. My parents never learned and so I never had the desire to get behind the wheel despite all those tv shows and movies I'd watched growing up where all the kids were getting their licenses at 16. 

Now don't get me wrong I completely understand that having a car is convenient, I mean we need to take a bus to the train to get anywhere outside of our neighborhood. On the weekends it's so awful because we love to get up and go, we joke that if we had a car you would never find us at home. The MTA is consistent with the dreaded delays and changes which always slows us down and so lately I've been leaning towards the idea of investing in a good family car, that's safe and good on mileage.

Clearly, I still need some convincing and thanks to Drive Shop USA we were given the chance to review the 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage ES for a week to see how it would fit into our lifestyle. The timing was perfect because the hubby and I had an upcoming wedding to coordinate in Staten Island and for the first time in a while he had an entire weekend off, so we knew we'd be able to test drive.

This 5-door hatchback is perfect for our family of 4, it fit us really well and was a great choice for our love of taking day trips - where there's no need to pack away a ton of stuff to hit the road. What appealed most to me about the car is that you get a lot of bang for your buck, foremost because the car itself is affordable with a really low MSRP of only $12,995 and not to mention how good it is on gas. The hubby couldn't get over how far $10 went when it came time to fill the tank.  

 New Features for 2015 Mirage

A great thing gets even better with the Mitsubishi Mirage receiving several equipment upgrades for its sophomore year. These items include:
  • New chrome interior trim accents for the audio and HVAC panels (all models)
  • New rear-mounted short pole antenna (all models)
  • New interior seat fabric (ES model)
  • New side view mirrors with turn indicators (ES model)

mitsubishi mirage ES - Dellah's Jubilation

Along with its low price and high EPA-rated fuel economy, both the entry-level 2015 Mirage DE and the upscale Mirage ES boast an extraordinary level of features and accessories in their standard equipment packages.

For $1,300 more, the 2015 Mirage ES (starting MSRP of $14,295) has great technology we loved, like the Bluetooth® hands-free phone system; as safety is so important to any family and the feature helps drivers to be way more cautious while driving by alleviating  the need to pick up a call, and not having to ignore it all together. The One-Touch Start/Stop (OSS) engine switch and FAST (Free-hand Advanced Security Transmitter)-key passive entry are great additions because essentially there's no need to go digging in your pockets or bags for the key to get in and drive. The hubby thought that the push to start was a really smart feature, especially when it's late and darker out.

mitsubishi mirage ES - Dellah's Jubilation

Ok so when the hubby first found out we'd be reviewing this car he was so excited because it was one of the few ways I'm able to create content that he'd enjoy helping out with too! I'm not sure he realized how much attention he'd get driving around in this plasma purple Mirage ES but it was insane. From high schoolers leaving walking home, to the toll booth clerk, to other drivers who seem mesmerized while waiting in traffic and would mouth from their window -comments ranged from "Oooh look at that purple car" to  " wow that's a great color, does it come that way".

mitsubishi mirage ES - Dellah's Jubilation

mitsubishi mirage ES - Dellah's Jubilation

mitsubishi mirage ES - Dellah's Jubilation

Apparently I  was channeling the cars style when the hubby brought it to my attention one morning, that my cigarette pants were the same color. I hadn't noticed until after I sat down that I was twinning with the car. Available fun exterior paint hues for the 2015 Mirage include Sapphire Blue, Kiwi Green, Infra Red, Plasma Purple, Cloud White, Mystic Black, Starlight Silver and Thunder Gray. The oh-so-cushy seats were beyond comfortable & made all the difference wile waiting in midtown traffic near Grand Central station, taking in views of the towering Chrysler building.

mitsubishi mirage ES - Dellah's Jubilation

For quick runs to the grocery store there was ample space for $100 worth of groceries.

mitsubishi mirage ES - Dellah's Jubilation

mitsubishi mirage ES - Dellah's Jubilation

We had the pleasure of coordinating my girlfriend of over 25 year's wedding at Snug Harbor in Staten Island. Having a car to get us to and from was great and we realize would be of great benefit to us as we grow our business's. 
 mitsubishi mirage ES - Dellah's Jubilation

mitsubishi mirage ES - Dellah's Jubilation

mitsubishi mirage ES - Dellah's Jubilation

mitsubishi mirage ES - Dellah's Jubilation

mitsubishi mirage ES - Dellah's Jubilation

mitsubishi mirage ES - Dellah's Jubilation

On our last full day with the car we ended up kids free and realized we had to take advantage of  a night on the town, especially after all the preparing and organizing for our friend's wedding. We welcomed jumping in the car without a concrete destination. We picked up my long time friend Sergio Uptown and decided on indulging in a bit of thrills at Six Flag's Great Adventures Fright Fest

mitsubishi mirage ES - Dellah's Jubilation

It turns out I was way more scared than I thought and got spooked out at the drop of a dime, or well at the sound of a chainsaw.

mitsubishi mirage ES - Dellah's Jubilation

mitsubishi mirage ES - Dellah's Jubilation

mitsubishi mirage ES - Dellah's Jubilation

The Mirage's exceptional fuel efficiency and fun-to-drive character have helped it capture numerous awards and accolades including:
  • #1 ranking in Cars.com's "New Cars for Penny Pinchers"
  • "Best All-Around Performance" and "Best Environmental Performance" in the Mini-Compact Class by the Automotive Science Group
  • Named to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) "Greenest Vehicles" list.

Overall we really enjoyed this car (the hubby may need a manlier color), it's a first-rate vehicle for smaller families like ours, by being affordable without skimping on great upscale features and fuel efficient. Finding parking wasn't as bad as I thought and luckily it's size was able to get us in spaces that may have been too tight for a larger vehicle. The only other little detail that bugged me was totally vain, but there was no vanity mirror for me to check my hair on the passenger side - on the sun visor, otherwise I really loved the car.

All in all The Mitsubishi Motors' 5-door subcompact makes the ideal new car for various types of automotive consumers – first-time drivers, retirees, short-hop urban dwellers who live/work in the city or those with marathon commutes. For more details on features, specs and price range stop by Mitsubishicars.com

Disclosure: We were provided this car as loan by Drive Shop  for a week to facilitate this review. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and no other compensation was received.

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