Monday, August 19, 2019

5 Reasons to Plan a Luxury Escape to the Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach

Disclosure: This post is written in partnership with the Grand Fiesta American Coral Beach Resort, stay tuned for our full review.

Couples and families seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of life by unplugging and relaxing should plan their next luxurious stay at the Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach. With stunning ocean views and impressive 5-star amenities, a retreat to this centrally located resort is one we've read raving reviews about and can't wait to experience for ourselves as we celebrate our upcoming wedding anniversary.

Can you believe that the hubby, Mike and I have yet to ever travel anywhere alone? Nope, not even during our honeymoon in Cancun 11 summers ago. We're beyond hyped to be returning to Mexico on our first solo trip in 15 years.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Disney World Girls Weekend: Fun Planning Tips to Try on Your Magical Getaway

Who can agree it's time for a girls weekend at Walt Disney World? There's been a recent social media rant from a mom that's getting lots of buzz on banning kidless Millenials from visiting the most magical place on earth. I think that's such nonsense, especially over a pretzel her 3 yr. old son didn't get due to expected long lines. Disney is meant to be enjoyed by everyone!

I'll never forget a spontaneous crazy six hours of kids free fun I had a few years ago with my girls Tiffani of MyMommyVents and Valerie of Mommyrandr running through Magic Kingdoms Main Street to Milly Rock with Frozo during a parade, grabbing dole whip and turkey legs and cracking jokes on a magical carpet ride before getting caught in a freaking downpour. Who could care less that we were soaking wet, we rode "It's a Small World" and "Pirates of the Caribbean" without kids fussing and whining and ended the night with spectacular fireworks. I put the mom guilt aside and had the absolute best time!

If you are taking a break with your girlfriends at Disney, I have some great planning tips for you. Follow these awesome Walt Disney World girls weekend ideas to have the time of your life with your girl gang at Disney!

Photos [polynesian @brittanyburwellmickeytravels // toystory @clumsydragon28]

Friday, July 26, 2019

Dora the Explorer and The Lost City of Gold NYC Advanced Screening FREE Passes #DoraMovie

Can you believe it's been nearly 20 years since our mini's ventured off on daily educational adventures with their guide, Dora the Explorer on Nickelodeon's hit television series? I know our CJ would always end up talking to the television and singing the backpack song. He swore he and Diego were besties. Well now Dora's back with her red boot wearing monkey & travel companion Boots in a new live-action comedy and we're giving away free passes to the NYC screening!

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The Circle of Life: Reviews of Disney The Lion King from Multi-Generational Families Across the Nation #TheLionKing

We made it a family affair and checked out Disney’s The Lion King, in theaters NOW! When I was a kid, I remember when big blockbuster movies hit theaters, our fam would rally up sometimes and go in big groups. I loved those moments so much because with tons of snacks in hand we'd fill rows of the theater with parents, grands, cousins, aunties, uncles and even the neighbor's kid from down the hall, LOL. 25 years later we knew we'd have to meet up to enjoy each others company amidst singing along and all of the laughter while watching this Disney classic unfold on the big screen once more. While scrolling through the #lionking on Instagram It was so awesome to see how many other families around the world journeyed to the pride lands, many rocking matching Lion King tees to see the film. 

With all the criticisms lately over the new genre of Disney live-action remakes (we're still not sure how to feel about the upcoming Mulan), we decided to go in with an open mind but definitely had high hopes that Director John Favreau would do one of our top 3 Disney films justice the way the animated 1994 classic gave us all the warm and fuzzy feels. To be honest, our multi-generational family of hard to impress Millenials and Gen-Z kids thought the new Lion King was a good family flick, despite any mixed reviews you've already heard or read. It's already made $185 million domestically this opening weekend, but is it really a must-see or are we all just buying tickets for the sake of nostalgia? We Chatted with other Disney loving families around the nation who shared their memories and thoughts on the movie.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Spread Love It's the Brooklyn Way! 6 Places to Celebrate Your Birthday in Williamsburg

"Stay Close to People that Feel Like Sunlight"

Unless one of us is out of town and traveling, birthdays are usually the ultimate reason for my three high school besties and I to get together to celebrate another spin around the sun! Of course, crazy schedules can sometimes make getting a date on the calendar difficult, whether it's an annual park picnic, a pop-up shop experience or good eats and cocktails, we love having a few hours together to catch up on the ups and downs of life as we age gracefully. Our tribe encompasses a family doctor, an architect and two work from home mama's so as you can imagine we don't need any excuse at all to want to get together for a night out but celebrating our girl Venesa's belated twirl around the sun was a perfect reason.

My girls, Natacha, Venesa, Marta and I met in the hallways of our high school Brooklyn Tech, so hanging out in BK is always a good time for us to reminisce on the good ole days while creating new memories. We can't ever seem to get over how much the neighborhoods have changed in the last two decades and although we're not a fan of all the gentrified changes we did enjoy spending a summer night in our favorite borough.  If you're ever in the neighborhood, here are a few fun ways to get out and celebrate while chilling in Williamsburg: 

Friday, June 21, 2019

Toy Story 4 Review: Every Ending is A New Beginning as We Discover Purpose, A Voice and Prioritize Happiness

Whoa, where does the time go? It just dawned on me that it has been 9 years since we all thought the Toy Story franchise had come to an end as Woody, Buzz and the gang said farewell to their college-bound kid Andy and found themselves in a new room with the adorable, imaginative new kid Bonnie. 

Last week the monsters and I had the chance to partake in an early screening of the latest Pixar adventure Toy Story 4 and I hope you all have plans to see it this weekend!  It was a truly hilarious journey between friends new and old, that highlights discovering your purpose, finding your voice and learning that it's really ok to prioritize your own happiness. You could feel the anticipation in the theater once the lights dimmed, and the sweetest giggles of a child two rows in front had us moviegoers all laughing before the opening rescue scene. 

At the root of it, these iconic Disney Pixar characters are more than just our favorite toys who've been tugging at our heartstrings and making grown folks weepy for over 2 decades, they bring so many of our human characteristics to light in a relatable way. Would you have ever believed that Pixar's very first movie could carry such longevity and through animation allow us all to reflect on our own lives: successes, disappointments, and insecurities?

There's been a lot of internet buzz surrounding the film and whether or not there was a need for a third sequel and I'm going to say heck yes! I honestly think Toy Story 4 gives us the closure we didn't even think we needed and I'm happy that Disney Pixar decided to do it. Now, not everything in the film gave me the magical feels but didn't take away from the overall enjoyment and I'll break that all down in this spoiler-free review.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Join the Free Alamo Kids Club and 5 Ways Families Can Beat the Heat this Summer #Giveaway

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Alamo Drafthouse, opinions expressed are 100% our own. 

Summer will officially be upon this weekend and where most kids around the nation have already traded in their school books for camp fun, in NYC we still have 6 more days of school. It's been so humid and rainy lately our 'cereal' movie watching family can't think of a better way to beat the heat than by grabbing seats at a cool Alamo drafthouse location where we can catch some of the newest blockbusters like Toy Story 4, Spiderman Far from Home and Disney's The Lion King, that we've excitedly been counting down for. With dozens of locations across the U.S from New York City, to Texas, California, and neighborhoods in between families will love the new Loyalty Program and Alamo Kids Club. To celebrate our love of movies, food and Summer's arrival we've partnered with Alamo Drafthouse for a fun giveaway!


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