Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hooray I'm Finally Blogging......better late than never i suppose

I've been contemplating starting a blog for over a year now and I've always made excuses as to why it couldn't be done. Would it be good enough? I haven't written anything significant in so long. How would I find the time within my day to day grind? I'm working on finishing up my masters while disguised as Susie homemaker with a 10 month old baby boy(today) getting into everything. Keeping my 6 year old entertained now that his swim and tennis lessons are over (Yes we are mourning the end of summer) is tougher than I thought and he's driving me crazy with his new addiction to the Wii. I have to make sure we get out of the house.When i started getting serious last week, my hubby said "Well it's official you are a stay at home mom; you're starting a blog".. I thought I should maybe be offended because I am so much more than just a SAHM but I know he was trying to be funny and i couldn't help but laugh out loud!

I'm so type A, more so type annoying because I kept letting the idea that my blog wouldn't be visually appealing keep me from actually committing to doing it {bear with me if there are any mistakes and I may need to brush up on my grammar}. I had a friend tell me "It's like dating a good looking person who doesn't have anything meaningful to long will you really be interested?" So I figured why not get the ball rolling since, us New Yorkers are stuck at home with no mass transit due to Tropical Storm/Hurricane Irene. I'll touch more on our unpreparedness for such random weather tomorrow.. Earthquake, Hurricanes and Tornado watches within a few days of each other...New York is way cooler than OZ. 

Until tomorrow,

xoxo Dellah

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