Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fashion Frenzy: PRINTS Galore!

 Flipping through the pages of my October issue of Glamour, I thought their What to Wear article "Crushing on Prints" was right on point. Although I am by far not one of those people, there are many who shy away from prints because they aren't sure they can make them work well for them. When all they need are these key suggested pointers that will  help them embrace it with confidence. What's not to love about fabulous print it's so much fun. 
This is just a smidgen of the print in my closet. After snapping this pic
I realized my print pieces outnumbered the solid colors. All I can say is
Prints make me happy!

Erin Beatty co-creator of the fashion label Suno gave her three rules for mixing patterns and i thought I'd share:
  • When in doubt go with similar hues: Yellows, golds, tans and beige's, purples and blues or she even advised focusing on one main color and combining it with white.
  • Mix geometric shapes with floral prints and play with the size of your prints.
  • If you still aren't quite sure if prints are your newest fall staple, she suggested trying it in small doses accessorize with a great scarf or what about a pair of ballet flats (leopards an easy choice)? 
Here's a clip of Suno's Spring 2012 showing for fashion week, do you like their incorporation of prints?


 Here's some images that caught my eye on the web: 
Found on Pinterest via weheartit

          Blogger Ashlee of Capernaum Home doubted that this collaboration was a DO
 but this ultra feminine blouse combined with a bold striped sweater is a big Y-E-S!
Don't you want to see what she's wearing on the other half of her outfit?

Milan Fashion week / found on EverythingFab

The first lady is right on trend, she makes it look effortless and she exudes confidence!
Images via: Huffington Post

Mixing print is uncharted territory for me, but these combination of colors ,texture and prints are simply chic! Love it! I may have to try it! Are you already trending with your use of print on print or does the thought of it make you hesitant?

xoxo Dellah


  1. I always play it safe (read: I'm clueless) so I'm still really hesitant to start playing with prints. That second photo (from Pinterest) almost makes it look like anything goes around here, but I know that if I tried to pull that stunt off, I'd look like a blind clown.

  2. I honestly love fashion but i'm definitely not the trendsetter! I am very true to me, which ironically loves a splash of color and print, I think it's a part of my Aquarius nature!! Try it in small doses and if you are overwhelmed the look will come off overwhelming too. Old navy is having a great sale right now print blosues from $34.94 down to less than $9, try starting there: Frugal and Fun!!

  3. * blouses, i really need to get better at editing myself and spell check, I think facebooking has caused this disregard in me for rereading!



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