Monday, October 10, 2011

Having a Moment: Weaning of Any Sort is Never, Ever Fun!

 When I first decided to blog I wasn't sure how much of my life at home I really wanted to share. I'm a pretty real, upfront person but I also know that although I am far from perfect I am horrible about handling constructive criticism even though I ask for it all the time. I've become totally distracted from my post on pumpkin decor for Halloween because I'm listening to baby Tristan wail in agitation in the next room. With our first child CJ , now 6, I read all the baby books: What to Expect, Parenting magazines, Dr. recommended this and Dr. suggested that and took the advise of all the moms before me. Maybe it's because this is our 2nd child, or maybe it's because we've had so much going on, my Crohns disease acting up, my hubbies shoulder surgery, and everything else life throws at you but I just haven't been doing parenting by the "books". 

Poor Tristan is not only being weaned off breast feeding, but  we also want to wean him from sleeping in the bed with us. All I can see is pointing fingers, shaking heads and "tsk tsk tsk" being uttered. I honestly don't know what happened. The hubby was working nights when he was born and so he slept during the day in the beginning and out of pure exhaustion I would nurse Tristan to sleep and we'd just canoodle together in my bed and he's pretty much been there ever since. On occasion I would put him down for nap time in his crib, but It would never last and I just didn't have the patience or time. Our days consisted of bringing CJ to school, walking the dog,  breakfast and playtime with Tristan, cleaning house a bit and it was nap time.

By the second half of the day we are off to pick up CJ, go to the park, maybe grocery shop or some form of errands, homework, I don't cook so maybe side prepping (rice, mashed potatoes whatever), baths, dinner, stories and then bed for the kids. The hubby and I may watch a movie and some canoodling of our own, he'd walk the dog and now I'm either in class (finishing my masters) or figuring out this blogging stuff. What am I going to do when I go back to work? As I type I am unsuccessfully ignoring Tristan's piercing crying and I'm tempted to scoop him up from his fathers arms and end his torture. I hate to have him this upset and I don't want to disturb the neighbors or wake up CJ, did I mention it's 12:37 am? The hubby has jury duty and while we enjoyed the long weekend it's back to school and the everyday routine in a few hours. 

     Well Tristan, who is now walking has managed to speedily waddle his way to the living room with blood shot eyes, seeking out my boobies.  I place him on my lap and he nuzzles my chest like a little puppy as he tries to get to them. I manage to stay strong and I've even passed him back to the hubby. Any suggestions? I know that I can't be the one to put him to sleep because (as my sister calls me) I am the milk giver, giver of milk. The hubby just said "You'd think he was on some sort of drug" but hey boobies can be addictive. This cycle has to be broken it's about 10 months overdue. Looks like we have a few sleepless nights ahead of us. Let the games begin. I'll keep you posted on our success. Our goal is the 17 days until his 1st birthday. Wish us much needed luck!

xoxo, Dellah


  1. whoops i forgot photo attribution:

  2. No pointing of fingers and shaking heads over here. Only compassion mixed w fright. Ethan's now one and still nursing (and sleeping in my bed). I'm terrified of the process that you just explained. I'm on my way to work w the hubby (he drives both of us to work) and had to read this posting out loud to him. I have no advice and in fact, will be looking to you for some when my turn comes to face the agony. What I do have is understanding and well wishes that this process won't even take 7 days much less 17. Good luck to all 5 of you (puppy included) and the neighbors!

  3. I know this isn't the advice you wanted to hear but when you wrote that Mike said it was like Tristan was on drugs it reminded me of a Family Guy episode in which they try to wean Stewie off the breast and they treated exactly like an addiction. Watch it. You won't learn anything but it'll give you a moment of levity. (season 4; episode 21)

  4. Shelly thanks for the well wishes. Apparently when I left for class earlier this evening and the hubby put him to bed it was done without a fight. I think mainly it was because he didn't get in his second nap today and was exhausted. At this point we don't care, I'll take the point for us! How long are you planning to nurse? I nursed Cj until he was 14 months and had to wean him off because of crohns medication I needed to take. Tristan is way more aggressive about his feedings and I feel like he literally owns me and my boobies, lol. It's almost 2am and Tristan woke up once about 20 minutes ago. I heard the hubby patting him and now i don't hear a peep, so I think he was successful in getting him to go back to sleep. This may the beginning of getting my bed back.. hooray

  5. Marta, there's nothing like Family Guy for a good outburst of laughter. My hubby remembers the episode fondly so I will definitely check it out this week. Thanks

  6. I'm actually thinking about starting to wean him at 18 months so that he'll be fully off by 2 if not before.
    It's sounds like you had great success last night. Keep it up!



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