Monday, October 24, 2011

Lil Monsters in NYC: Check out SCHMITT'S Family Farm

With Halloween just 6 days away we decided it wasn't too late to grab up a few pumpkins over at Schmitt's Farm for carving or even better, for pies. My boys and I were accompanied by great friends and spent a beautiful Indian summer day out in Melville, N.Y. There's plenty to do and you're guaranteed to have a great time.

In the pic above that was only half of our group and the farm was already filled with excited pumpkin pickers by 11am. We hopped on the Free hayride, which brings you to the pumpkin patch and the corn maize maze{$8}! If you plan to pick pumpkins we would suggest bringing your own sacks, tote bags or wagon for carrying them in. As you leave the field with pumpkins in tow, they are weighed by the pound to figure out the cost.

Teamwork gets the job done!

The troupes had been rallied up and bets had been made to see when we"ll make it to the end.

I would advise bringing snacks in case you are in the maze longer than planned because you can't eat the corn, although a few of the hubbies and kids tried. Thank goodness for smart wives/mommies!

The paper on your left is what the farm gives you, that box in the corner is a map of the maze. The large print out on the right of the screen is the enlarged map we printed out, a big time saver and much clearer to see. Every year the maze design changes, this year it was of  Lady Liberty and the check points were of  famous New York landmarks such as The Guggenheim, The Empire state building and  Radio City Music Hall.

We made it out of the maze in about 1 1/2 hours which meant we are all pretty hungry and ready to crash.

The boys enjoyed picking pumpkins and playing in the large pumpkin shaped bouncy house and there are great opportunities for silly photos.

The inflatable slide was definitely a must do but please keep in mind that these bonus activities (pony rides, petting animals etc.) are additional costs, but well worth those smiles.

We  had an awesome time but unfortunately we didn't get the chance to check out their haunted house but from the slide show it looks like a fun way to get spooked and celebrate Halloween! I hope you guys get a chance to spend the day there, it's a great farm to visit.

Bunches of Xoxo's

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  1. I was there over this past weekend. The Haunted mansion is too scary for little kids (same as nighttime grown up house but with the lights on).



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