Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fashion Frenzy: How do you wear your Sparkle?

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I've never really needed a reason to dress up in shiny, enchanting sequins. I'm not really a girly girl, it may just be the crazy Aquarius in me but I love anything adorned in glitter, sequins or paillettes. The holidays are always a great reason to glitz out your wardrobe, but I think the dreary winter days are an even better reason to shimmer just a bit. How do you wear your Sparkle? Do you wear it from head to toe or in smaller doses? If you think it's a little overwhelming maybe you need just a flashy shoe so not to feel like a Vegas Showgirl. Whatever amount of Sparkle you wear, I say let your inner Diva shine and have fun with it!

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Me feeling my inner Diva in my favorite all year round Cardigan

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Sparkling shoes will make any outfit Standout! The Hubby got me these last  Christmas

xoxo, Dellah

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  1. Those silver leggings, and plunge back top are to die for!! Your pumps are also tres fab!



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