Monday, March 5, 2012

A Cause for Jubilation: A colorful ball pit can even help random adults connect

While cleaning out my email box I stumbled upon one from and followed a link on Icebreakers for grownups. This Soul Pancake clip touches on the idea that we spend so much time passing each other by, caught up in our own day to day, probably not even mouthing a hello, good morning, let alone making eye contact.

If only meeting new people and making friends were as easy as when we were kids. As a parent and preschool teacher usually ball pits symbolize a pool of germs and yuckiness but actually in this instance I wouldn't mind seeing this ball pit full of random questions located in the middle of Times Square...Who inspires you? What's on your bucket List?

 I love this, especially the two that pulled out their fake teeth {hysterical}, fate put them together in this pit they agreed. Great idea Golriz and Devon! Hope you guys enjoy and check out their other videos.

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video property of the OWN network

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