Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Elated with Etsy: Travel Journals





I love these travel journals I found on Etsy, they are perfect for all of your Wanderlusting experiences.

While taking a vacation from the hustle and bustle of life here in NYC I'm hoping to find some refreshing inspiration in the calm and serenity of cacti and canyons. While we are away I've made sure to pack my journal which is imprinted with the words "WHEN ONE DOOR OF HAPPINESS CLOSES, ANOTHER ONE OPENS; BUT OFTEN WE LOOK SO LONG AT THE CLOSED DOOR WHAT WE DO NOT SEE THE ONE WHICH HAS BEEN OPENED FOR US." ~ Helen Keller

I'm not sure I could ever leave NYC for a life in Arizona despite The Hubby and my bestie's wishes for us to make it our permanent residence. I am open minded to the idea of change and figure I won't know that I'll hate it until we get there. At the very least I know it will make for a fabulous vacation with my bestie and her family, we'll go bridal dress shopping for her destination wedding, I plan to get great photos of the boys in amazement while taking in the great views of Sedona, and I hope to start a new workout regimen and hope to start running again and hike for the first time. Whatever it is we end up doing, I'll be sure to keep my journal near by for reflecting in and to share this trip with you guys when we get back! 

Do you keep a journal? Do you right in them for reflection or as a place to just keep memories? 

Bunches of Xoxo's

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