Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Weekend! Let's LINK Up

I can't believe the Weekend is here again, time flies when you're sick in bed I guess. My Crohns Flares caught the best of me but I'm feeling tons better now, thanks to the Hubby and our boys taking care of me. The monsters ideas of taking care of mommy were rubbing my tummy {CJ} and blowing raspberries into my belly button {Tristan} to make the ouchies go away. I love them bunches! Anyways What do you have planned for this Mothers day weekend? I'm going to pop by and see my mommy today and bring her something to add to her collection of turtles. Some friends of ours and the Hubby and I decided we were overdue for a movie night {debating Think Like a Man or The Avengers} and one of my besties who's preggers insists that we go to the 24 hour IHOP {can't argue with a pregnant woman} in the city so that's our plan for Saturday. I'm suspecting that my boys will treat me to breakfast in bed, and I can't think of a better way to celebrate than in my comfy pj's with a stack of magazines, movies and my boys. Happy Mothers Day to you and/or the special ladies in your life!

A friend shared this video of a mom's version of "Look at me Now" on my FB page, so hilarious. Chasing toddlers, laundry and Starbucks, the story of my life!

I'm an 80's baby so having a boombox at the beach or family picnic just makes sense.

I lived in an apartment on the 15th floor as a kid, but the idea of this Cloud City  exhibit {opening May 15th} on the rooftop of the MET has me slightly nervous yet excited. Another date night in the future.

Loving this Etsy shop for it's canvas totes, onesies and tees with printed funny phrases.

This outfit  from Luca Luca reminds me of a dress the Hubby picked out at Forever 21 for me {he's my} that I'm planning to wear this Saturday, weather permitting. I'll Instagram a pic {feel free to follow me @dellah} and tweet a pic {@djubilation} of my version.

Jason Wu + Tufted anything is a must have, but I'll have to start a savings jar for this loveseat.

The new Privet House line for Target maybe a more chic yet frugal way to find great home decor.

For all us Instagram lovers, this camera concept is perfection!

A thirst quenching glass of plum sangria sounds like a great summer party drink!

I spotted this hotel and Spa in this months Lonny Mag and I'm adding Marrakech to my list of must see places.

A coffee table book that is a must have, showcasing legendary photographers with their world known work

Thanks for LINKing Up,
Bunches of Xoxo's

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