Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Weekend! Let's LINK Up

Today officially kicks off Winter vacation for me and my monsters and we can't wait to surrender to lazy days at home which will include watching CJ practice magic tricks, Tristan channeling his inner Hulk by smashing towers he's built and lots of Charlie Brown on Netflix {newly added and we are excited}while canoodling with the Hubby and me attempting to bake. This Saturday we say our farewells to our uncle Dave, and although it hasn't quite sunk in yet and loosing him is unsettling, especially before the holidays we find comfort in knowing that  we as a family will come together to celebrate his vibrant life and everything he's meant to us over the nearly thirty years since he joined our family. CJ said it best "he isn't gone mommy he's right here" as he points to his heart {out of the mouth of babes}. 

I always look forward to us LINKing up, here's a few of my fave finds from around the web:

Get festive & add some DIY gold sparkle to your nails & your space with this garland and a shimmery pillow.

Too cute to eat, edible penguins.

If you've ever been inside an Apple store you"ll understand and chuckle at this floor plan completely.

Serving spoons that are a POP! of fun.

Behind the scenes pics of the Rockettes back in the 60's.

Leopard + hot pink = Kate Spade perfection.

Everything about this Temperley London line has me dreaming about a romantic European excursion.

Layered Peppermint Cheesecake.

A love filled collection of photos from a Brooklyn wedding & unexpected and eclectic wedding details.

This little piggy went sledding.

Sequins Day + Night.

Just call me Charlie because I've gotta golden ticket!

Happy Holidays from my family to yours. May you all have peace and continued blessings this weekend and into the New Year and remember to live in the moment and enjoy life!

Bunches of Xoxo's

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

To Reveal or Not to Reveal? The Truth about Santa

There have been so many remakes of the song "I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus" but no matter the version it always gives me the giggles when I think of what the song really signifies and how naive I was as kid as I was totally oblivious to my parents deception. I think I was about 12 or so when I found out that Jolly old St. Nick was really my sneaky parents who one year let one of the gifts get trapped in between their closet door as the Power Puff Girls  holiday wrapping paper and shimmery bows enticed me to pry a bit further inside, only to call my then six yr. old sister in the room to be my accomplice. this day she"ll never let me live it down that I ruined all her future Christmas eve's and in return she spoiled the secret for our brother a few years later.

How did you find out that Santa wasn't real? {sorry if this brings up any traumatic experiences}

Last year we caved to the tourist attraction that is Santa Land at the Macy's on 34th street because my bestie Liza was in town from Arizona with her fiance and their kids. I know that my hubby is not a big fan of crowds and had my fingers crossed that the experience would go smoothly, otherwise I'd never hear the end of it. To our surprise the lines were swift and we were in and out and took great FREE pictures in less than 30 minutes. As we were getting escorted to our little toy shop to see Santa in, I remember CJ questioning how was it possible that Santa could meet with and talk to all the families that showed up, so quickly. It took me a moment but realized that Santa Land differs from other typical mall Santa's because they have several jolly plump fellas tucked away in these little toy shops and innocent little kids, and probably a few unsuspecting adults aren't even aware of the maze of planted Santas.

As CJ gets older I'm finding it harder and harder to keep the truth about Santa hidden but I find his innocence rather sweet in a world of skepticism and disbelief. Even when a friend tried to ruin it for him, CJ insisted Santa was real because he knew mom and dad couldn't get him all those gifts {although we make sure our names are on the presents of the really awesome ones}. This year we went candy-land ornament shopping in a neighborhood mall and passed a "Take your picture with Santa booth" and spread out on the chair was Santa's hat and outfit. CJ turns to me and says "Mom is Santa walking around the stores naked?" I wasn't going to deal with this question alone so I called over Santa's helper, who explained to CJ that Santa had to make a quick stop to the North Pole. I raised an eyebrow to the elf as if to say "Is that the best you can do?" CJ snapped back " but it's freezing in the North Pole, he can't walk around without clothes" and we walked off with CJ shaking his head in confusion and the elves laughing to themselves. I'm relieved that we"ll at least make it through one more season of believing. 

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Fashionista at Any Age

Like my sissy Nicole always tells me "I'm glad I don't have kids"after an afternoon w/ my monsters but she surely has a closet full of shoes and can't compete with a baby for the space. If you're like her and realize you'd rather turn the potential nursery into a walk in closet, this book of Nursery Rhymes {$20} is for you.

Why couldn't they make diva-liscious clothes like these Target + Neiman Marcus, Marchesa beaded and feathery dresses {$100 & $80} for me when I was in grade school? Designer, drool worthy clothes at an affordable price, every girls dream!  If I had a little girl I'd also dress her in this shimmery Gap collection

Chic, fun and modern printed iPad covers {$26} are the perfect pick me up during an early morning subway ride in a sea of dark & drab colored winter coats.

Transform any simple blouse into a statement look with this Luxe aluminum roses peter pan collar {$160} . I'm also loving this sparkly and spiked one too!

This Rebecca Minkoff pouch is the perfect place to stash your shoe splurge cash {$55}

  Give your toesies the midas touch with metallic gold Michael Kors kicks {$195}that are my must have! 

Add a few accessories to instantly glam up this dress {$138} for your next soiree or dress it down for a more casual chic look. I'm also loving this tulle skirt.

Inspire the lil' designer in your life with a studio kit to imagine up their first fashion line.

Kate Spade + polka dots = great arm candy!

What baby wouldn't want to crawl around in this, comfy-cozy Stella McCartney horse print one piece? It's a bit of a splurge {$69} for a onesie but friggin' adorable!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers that make a BIG statement

We live in a bold, colorful world & these vibrant Pantone ornaments {$15} are just what that creative designer, artist, swatch lover in your life has been dreaming of. 


USB flash drive cufflinks {$100} that"ll make him feel as high-tech & sexy as James Bond.

Who doesn't love Crayola or earbuds {$15} that come in colors like Caribbean Green or Cotton Candy? 

Submerge your loose leaf tea in style with this cool -ass scuba-diver {$15}. 

I remember the first time I heard about Sprinkles Cupcakes was with a mentioning of  a vending machine that would dispense these sweet treats. It's even more exciting  to be able to make them at home with this mix {$15}.

The Bauble Bar +Essie set ($50 /3 bangles, polish & carrying case)  is perfect to wear to ring in 2013 or to go from the boardroom to happy hour in.

A T-shirt {$25} will have any fella on the prowl for a hot new pair of  Puma kicks under the tree. 
{You've been warned!}

I'm pretty fond of the old school MR Bubbles, but these suction-cup Bubbles will last the entire bath-time and keep your kid busy. Fingers crossed that means less suds make it to the floor to clean up {$18}.   

A shot flask with a collapsible cup {$25} has got to be the coolest stocking stuffer for a dude I've ever seen.
Now to only find it in purple for the ladies!

Make your fridge or magnetic board less of an eye-sore with these gorgoeus, sparkling magnets {$36}. 


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