Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Elated with Etsy: Sweet Valentine's Day Gifts Under $50

With Valentine's day a little less than a month away I thought I'd share with you a few of my fave gift ideas spotted on Etsy that seemed genuinely sweet & thoughtful but not over the top. You can just call us penny-pinchers by February I guess but the Hubby and I have never been big on celebrating the BIG V-day with extravagant gifts. From September to April our wallets are worn out from celebrating birthdays {Our 4 birthdays plus 4 grandparents, my sis & bro and a ton of other people}, Christmas and our dating anniversary. So by this point we are relieved to be halfway though our gift-giving spree and either enjoy a quiet dinner at home or an afternoon out with the monsters. How are you planning to spend your Valentine's day? anything elaborate in store? I think this card sums up how I truly feel about this holiday perfectly.

                               Handmade fuzzy gloves that are beyond adorable and heartfelt. $32

The perfect mug set for your morning cup of jo, these are pretty freakin' cute also. $32 

Your furry friends deserve some love filled sweet treats, so give them these tasty all natural dog Cannolis. $8

He sure "WOOD" love you for these personalized cuff-links carved with your initials. $45

Simply state your love for anyone you care dearly for with this chevron LOVE art print. $15

Spice up or sweeten your popcorn for a romantic movie night at home. $8.25

Melt his heart with this dog tag personalized with a sweet sentiment from the kiddies. $29

I love this monogram bangle set but even more so when I realized it was me & the hubby's
 initials{of course you can customize for yourselves too}. $18

For a good laugh I Mustache have this shirt for my monsters. $25

No matter how big or small the gesture it's always the thought that counts. Live in the moment and enjoy with those you love most!

Bunches of Xoxo's

Images from  Etsy Shop: 1. yastikizi // 2. theprintedsurface // 3. SignatureBonz // 4. blockpartypress //
5. hairbrainedschemes // 6. dellcovespices // 7. jessicaNdesigns // 8. FrostedWillow // 9. birthdaycouture

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