Friday, February 8, 2013

Happy Weekend! Let's LINK Up

Hopefully these snow filled weekends will shortly be coming to end and we can all come out of hibernation mode. When it snowed two weeks ago, despite me being sick I decided with Tristan being 28 months old and having never played in the snow, the evening called for monster made snow-angels. I know now that I'm completely over winter & being sick and need a cure for this serious case of cabin fever. Just the other evening we received a gorgeous peacock themed wedding invitation to one of my long -time friend's {since Junior High} wedding and it's the day before the Hubby's birthday, so not only am I anticipating a spring time  April wedding, but I hope we can turn it into a kids free celebratory weekend. As far as this weekend goes, we are hunkered down at my parents house {it brings the Hubby closer to the subway since he has to work}for a weekend full of movies. If the snow clears, on Sunday are trying to go with some friends to the Canstruction exhibit, which totally amazed CJ years ago when we saw the Super-Mario Bros. recreated. If we can't get outside I'm completely fine with canoodling on the couch and spending time with my crazy family.

If you plan on hangin' indoors here's a few lovely distractions to pass the time:

NYC inspired wedding dresses for the chic and fabulous!!

How to rock NEON in the snow.

"Let's Canoodle" and other extremely adorable Food Valentines and lots of intimate spooning.

A cute Sesame Street Parody on Downtown Abbey.

 Beautiful shattered glass animal sculptures {reminds me of icicles}.

Nutella + chocolate wafers = one yummy cake! Plus a few simply beautiful cakes.

Bridget Jones is Baaack!! Rally up your girlfriends.

A tiny apartment designed to have you screaming "When can we move in?"

Designers to follow on Instagram just in time for NYFW and speaking of designers I can't wait for this weekends launch of Prabal Gurung for Target so I can clutch this in time for spring.

Archie never could decide between Betty & Veronica, how will us girls choose between the new MAC colors?

Thanks for LINKing Up with me & remember to live in the moment and enjoy the weekend!

Bunches of Xoxo's

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