Friday, August 9, 2013

Happy Friday! Let's LINK Up

In my case, when you have summers off I guess everyday is Friday, so for the rest of you it's time to celebrate the arrival of the weekend. Most of my mom friends are thrilled that summer vacation is almost over but I guess since I'm a teacher and it means back to work, I don't share that same sentiment. I'm trying to hold on to every sunny day and summer breeze and some how still squeeze in our first trip to the beach.
 Our great debate for the weekend is whether or not to head back downtown to Foley square for free zip-lining {we got there at 10am, and the line was closed}with only two Saturday's left to enjoy Summer Streets. We've also been anticipating this weekend because tomorrow is National S'mores day! We've been dreaming of the marshmallow, chocolatey combo and  I've been scouring yelp for the best place to have them, otherwise we will have to break out the Graham crackers to make our own. I've been told to head to Smorgasburg for a taste from S'more bakery. Do you s'mores lovers out there have any good recipes or know a good place to try them? What do you guys have planned for the weekend?  

Here's a few of my favorite links to carry you through the weekend:

5 great NYC events/ places to check out:  Lightness of Being exhibit // Dance Theater of Harlem street festival //  The Hong Kong Dragon Boat festival // Great Jazz on the Great Hill //  Harlem Summer Stage Kids Family Day //

A vintage look at Brooklyn.

Let the countdown to Breaking Bad's premier begin!

Is the Childfree life a more popular choice these days?

Floral jeans that are perfect for Fall's arrival.

Sometimes, It just is what it is.

Grab Kate Middleton's lovely royal style with this collaboration.

Dress up in retro frames and a pair of glasses that the lil' guy can sport.

Start the weekend off right & celebrate National S'mores day!

A few things that will have you feeling peachy keen, add this Tipsy lemonade {spotted on Glitter Guide} to the list.

Bright walls and vibrant colors make for an awesome before & after space.

Add pops of neon on your wedding day with this DIY.

In case you missed it on the blog page // My monsters loved Summer Stage Kids Family Day //
                                                            //  A peak at our July on Instagram  //

I hope you all live in the moment & enjoy the weekend, thanks for LINKing Up with me!

Bunches of Xoxo's

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