Thursday, August 1, 2013

Whoa Baby! H&M's Online Shopping is Available in the U.S

 If you are anything like me you've probably been questioning for years why there was never a way to shop online for all your favorite, affordable finds for the entire family from the retailer H&M. I for one honestly can't stand bringing my two monsters shopping with me and I'm sure for them the feeling is mutual. I find myself doling out snacks and handing over every gadget I own just to appease them for a few seconds of peace while trying to squeeze into whatever the latest "trendy" pair of jeans are. Although the hubby is the most patient shopper in existence, sometimes he won't even bother to enter the store with me. He'll wander the mall with kids in tow or wait right out front and tell me to just give him a ring when i'm finished. Just recently I found myself running up and down the escalator  in the H&M at Queens Center Mall just so that I could get as close to the entrance as possible without setting off the alarm so I could raise up my selection of blouses for a birthday party. Anxiously I waited for the hubby to give a thumbs up or down so that I could get on the crazy long line before anyone had a meltdown.

I must have been living under a rock up until now because I had no clue that H&M was making their online shop available to us here in the states until this morning. When I checked my Instgram I spotted that the beauty blogger, thestyleandbeautydoctor had posted info on the launch and better yet if you check out her site, there's also a code for free shipping until August 15th. I instantly went online so that I could share with you {below}some of the latest fashion finds available and items to style your place, from their "online-only" Home line that debuted today. As a teacher and assistant wedding coordinator I'm always in need of a few versatile pieces and as we say farewell to July there is the impending, depressing need to go back to school shopping for the kiddies. I say grab your wallet and take a seat in front of your computer and get to shopping! It's raining here in NYC so it's a perfect day for it. What are you planning to put in your cyber space shopping bag?

Items above //  baby girls long sleeve bodysuit  // mens chambray shirt  // girls polkadot jersey leggings          decorative letters    // ladies faux leather skirt  //  baby boys 5 pocket jeans w/ suspenders  // boys peacoat   ladies messenger bag

Ladies shoes & accessories // canvas sneakers // sunglasses // pumps w/ studs // Taupe leather bag

                  Girls //  Studded sweatshirt // LiveLoveSing jersey top // denim shirt // jacquard- knit dress

                           Boys //  yellow hooded jacket // turquoise sweatpants // short sleeve shirt

Home {online-only} // duvet cover //  cake stand {turquoise color sold out while I was creating post} // star baby quilt  // ceramic mug // soap dispenser // cushion cover

Bunches of Xoxo's

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