Thursday, October 10, 2013

Channel Your Inner Olivia Pope w/ Pieces from Dorothy Perkins

Millions of viewers tuned into Season 3, episode 1 of ABC's phenomenal hit series Scandal, and I'm not sure if it had more to do with all the PR drama the gladiator team has to resolve and secrets to be revealed, the steamy romance between Fitz and Liv [just watching them hug is intense] or that fashionista's everywhere are hoping to revamp their wardrobe around Olivia Pope's {Kerry Washington's} iconic show styling. In the October 2013 issue of Glamour Magazine Kerry told The interviewer that tonight's episode will have 19 costume changes {I'll be watching and taking notes}. Whether conducting a brainstorming meeting, speaking at a press conference or stealing moments at gala's with Mr. President, everything about Olivia's style screams: effortless, trend-setting, poised and powerful with touches of feminity that let's everyone know "I'm a boss, and don't you forget it!". 

After scouring the web for a shop that encompassed pieces that would successfully replicate an Olivia Pope "look" I realized that Dorothy Perkins had everything {all under $150} from peplum dresses, subtle yet fabulously detailed coats, blazers and blouses to structured bags and accessories that tie everything together. Take a look at some of their items that I think speak to Olivia's gladiator chic sense of style. Do you have a favorite Olivia Pope outfit on the show? Which pieces below would you love to own in order to recreate an Olivia Pope inspired look?

Above Coats & Blazers 

      Blouses and Sweaters 

     Pants, Shoes & Watches 

    Structured bags

     Gowns + Fitted dresses 

Happy Viewing tonight!

Bunches of xoxo's

All photos of Kerry Washington/ Olivia Pope: 
All clothing + accessories via: 

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