Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Elated with Etsy: 8 Lovely Holiday Gift Ideas for Her #HolidayGiftGuide #Etsy

With Halloween behind us and half the chocolate candy eaten (most likely by you and not the kids), all thoughts have probably moved onto that delicious menu you have to plan for Turkey Day and you've probably noticed (like we did today as Walgreens employees started unloading faux Christmas trees) that Christmas is rapidly approaching, even though many of us are most likely nowhere near ready. I thought today would be the perfect day to kick off my series of Holiday Gift Guides, starting with gifts for the amazing ladies in your life (and it's ok, you can get something fabulous for yourself too).

  • Let her know that she's a Gem with this Jewel Soap Sampler Box that includes 4 vegan friendly scented soaps (w/hints of: ylang ylang + sweet orange, lavender +cedar-wood, dark patchouli and black raspberries, lychee pulp + oolong tea) $17.47
  • If she loves spending time in the kitchen she'll love using these 4 Gold Nesting Measuring Cups  that will add a dash of sparkle. $69.95
  • As it starts getting chillier, adding a Metallic Vegan Cowl Scarf to her outfit will keep her stylish and warm. I'm loving that it has a herringbone pattern, a metallic closure and is super shiny. $34
  • Every woman needs an over-sized tote and this rainy print Zip Tote is perfectly sized for carrying tablets, your exploding makeup bag, that pair of comfy shoes and snacks for your lil monsters if you have any. $95
  • Because shot's of whiskey are way more fun than earl grey tea, this typography print quote would be perfect hangin' up for all to know, that she's pretty dang cool. $16.41
  • Girls rule the world with or without a guy by their side, and when there's time to rest, this "Building Empires" decor pillow is one bad ass reminder.
  • It's all in the details and I'm all for standing out in a crowd. These are gorgeous, statement making, personalized cuffs. $107
  • If you can't go camping, or better yet glamping, bring the fun indoors, round up your friends and start roasting  marshmallows with this yummy s'mores kit. $18
Are you elated with my Etsy finds? which ones are you considering gifting or coveting for yourself?

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