Monday, December 15, 2014

Must Haves for Lil' Monsters Holiday Gift Guide & #Giveaway

It's kind of crazy that the year is almost over and that Christmas is only 10 days away, yepp that's right less than 2 weeks! This year my two lil' monsters and I have been able to work with some of the best toy brands, that have always aimed to create the coolest, most innovative and educational products for our children and over the next week we will be wrapping up our Must Haves for Lil' Monsters series for the year with reviews from some of our featured top 12 Toys for this holiday season. We thought it would be pretty awesome to celebrate the holidays by offering a few of these amazing toys in a giveaway to our readers as a thank you for supporting us this year.

  • InnoTab MAX is the perfect tablet for kids ages 3-9 with 650+  cartridges and age appropriate downloadable content. Kids can take pictures, create movies, with Kids Connect they are able to send text messages to their parents (for free), play videos, music and more! Watch & read our review.
  • Your little singer will love belting out tunes with the My Little Pony Equestria Girls Singing Twilight Sparkle doll who has fun rainbow-tied colored hair, wings, microphone stand and can really sing!
  • Fans of the new TMNT cartoon are going to love the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Monopoly that's based on the show and features 22 locations in NYC (Shredders hideout, Splinters Lair, Donnies Lab) and has some great token pieces they'll love to use as either a good guy or bad guy (shredders mask, a pizza pie, Kraang, Spike). 
  • If you know a dino lover who'd love to tame a T-Rex, they will have a blast with Zoomer Dino an interactive robot that moves and sounds like a real dinosaur. You can use your hand or controller to try and tame him but beware like any other T-Rex he may chomp, roar and spin around if you make him angry. For laughs, he may even dance or let out a silly burp or fart (CJ thinks these functions are hilarious). 
  • Wouldn't it be awesome to be able to design your dream car on paper and bring it to life in an app? Race car fans and kids of all ages will think the Virtual Design Pro Car Collection is amazing as they race their designs across a virtual stunt course. With 10 designs to choose from the racing fun can begin using iOS and android smartphones and tablets as well as an ipod touch.
  • Tristan loves watching Elmo the musical & your child will have a blast singing, counting and playing along with Let's Imagine Elmo who wears 3 different hats and pretends to be, a cowboy, prince or sea captain. Kids will love the interactive games and songs and when Elmo is just being himself he's still tons of fun.

  • We absolutely love supporting small businesses and are big fans of Etsy and featuring shops on our site and recently featured a product in our gift guide for "Him" from Handz/ReStyle Art. With all the exciting buzz over the new Star Wars movie coming out in 2015 we thought we'd feature this trio of Star Wars themed Scandinavian retro print posters that are beyond cool to look at it.

  • Encourage STEM based learning with the robotic VEX Ant that promotes hands on play by having little ones build this humongously cool robot using 150+ easy to snap on pieces. The robotic ant can be controlled or you can let him guide himself as it tries to steer itself clear of any obstacles in the way.
  • If you've been on Pinterest you must have stumbled upon the obsession with melted art and Crayola has created a simple to use MeltDown Art set that's tons of fun for your budding artist who loves getting messy while being creative.
  • Who doesn't love taking a Selfie? Grab your friends and family for some indoor fun, filled with laughs. The Selfie Game is a cross between apples to apples and charades, where players have to act out the silly prompt given on the card, whoever gives the best interpretation and collects the most cards wins! Check out how much some family friends had playing the Selfie game on Halloween.
  • Get ready to make some tasty Krabby patties, with the Spongebob Krabby Patty Maker, which has realistic cooking and frying sounds and your little ones will like that Spongebob has 12 fun phrases.
  • CJ has recently been intrigued by yo-yo's and if a child you know is just learning they will build confidence with the Rookie: Yomega Brain Yo-Yo that automatically returns to the players hand, making it great for beginners & if he or she is a skilled yo-yo trickster, they'll love having the coolest yo-yo in the galaxy with a Star Wars Yo Men high performance character yo-yo and action stand.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog has returned, better than ever with the recent release of Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric  (Wii U) where Sonic, Amy, Tails and Knuckles have to set aside their differences to save the world from Lyric and his mongering robots and in the new (3DS) Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal Amy discovers an ancient secret language and manuscript detailing where to find the lost crystal of power and gets kidnapped by evil Lyric. Sonic must team up with Knuckles, Tails and new friend Sticks to save her.
If you haven't gotten all your holiday shopping done yet, we hope our holiday gift guide was helpful, and we will have a few more review posts up throughout this week and you can catch a few previews on Instagram. Now that you know our fave picks, we are going to offer 1 lucky reader a few amazing products that you can gift, donate or save for another occasion. Winner
must be 18+ and live in the continental U.S, contest will run from Monday Dec. 15th and closes on Thursday Dec. 18th.  Best of Luck!

Just answer this question in the comments below & rafflecopter for extra entries
Which 2 products in this gift guide would be a Must Have for your lil' monsters this holiday season?
                                                                PRIZES (Valued at $300)
              (1) Crayola Meltdown art set 
              (1) My Little Ponny Equestria Girls: Twilight Doll
              (3) Star wars retro print posters from Handz size 11x14 (A3)  or smaller
              (1) Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric for Wii U  or  (1) Sonic Boom Shattered Crystal                           for 3DS
              (1)  Selfie Game
              (1) Yomega Brain yo-yo and (1) Yo Men Storm Trooper yo-yo
              (1) VTech InnoTab Max 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Disclosure: Dellah's Jubilation was not compensated for this post but have received products to review from brands participating in giveaway, any opinions expressed are 100% my own.


  1. The Innotab and Selfie would be great for my little ones!

  2. Oh all these look so awesome! Singing the lego movie "Everything is awesome" lol. I hope to win!

  3. The posters would be great once we move the firstborn into his own room away from the babies. Meanwhile the secondborn would keep super busy with the melting crayons

  4. My daughter would love the Innotab Max & the Crayola Meltdown Art Set.

  5. Looks so fun! Entered. Our faves are the VTech Innotab Max and the My Little Pony Equestria Doll.

  6. Zoomer and crayolas meltdown. Andre would love it!

  7. Definitely the Innotab & the Etsy posters!

  8. Fingers crossed for the Innotab and Sonic for 3DS! Great giveaway girly!

  9. The Two Must Have Items Are The VTech InnoTab Max And The Crayola MELTDOWN Art Set!

  10. TheSelfie Game and Crayola meltdown art set are must haves.


  11. My lil monster would love the crayons melt down and the my little pony equestrian dolls!

  12. The Star wars retro print posters and the Crayola Meltdown art set would be huge hits this holiday with the little ones

  13. The Hexabug and the crayola meltdown are the ones to have fun with

  14. My little monster woul loveeee the Star wars retro print posters from Handz size and Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric for Wii U.

  15. My kids would love to have VTech InnoTab Max and the crayola meltdown artset

  16. The VTech InnoTab Max and the Crayola Meltdown art set are Must Haves!

  17. I must have the Crayola Meltdown and Selfie.... they look like so much fun

  18. The Innotab and the Star wars poster would be loved in my home thanks for the awesome giveaway

  19. The VTech Innotab Max and the Crayola Meltdown are our must haves!

  20. Zoomer Dino and MeltDown Art would be sure hits!

  21. The Crayola Meltdown art set, and My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Twilight Doll!! She would just love them!

  22. My little guy would love all these goodies! Fingers crossed!!



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