Monday, March 30, 2015

Having a Mommy Moment: Racing Shadows & Celebrating Just Being a Kid

It's inevitable, before you know it your youngest one will no longer want to build blocks with you, squish play doh or race you home from school.

With all of his sweetness and playfulness I'm so thankful to have a 4 year old that can suck me out of any funky day I'm having with a simple laugh and a request to see who's the fastest.... "Mama, you wanna race? I bet I can beat you!"

Of course whenever anyone from the younger set challenges me to a race, I get hyped and remember my days of running track and field and excitedly take on the dare
But who am I fooling? I hadn't run in ages and to top it off It had just been a physically awful week for me and could tell something was off with symptoms from my Crohns disease resurfacing.

Being the freakin' genius mom that I am, I set him up with a greater challenge...
" I'm sure you can beat me, your such a big boy, but I don't think you can beat your shadow!"

Tristan gave me his one dimpled smirk and laughed while he boasted  "Yes I can, watch me mama, yes I can."

 You could see the pure determination in his face each day he tried to race, who he called his "Shadow friend". And he made attempts at racing if the sun and clouds allowed it, over an 8 day span.


Day 1 - They tied and he was so frustrated that there his shadow was, side by side. he kept looking to his right and then back at me, while yelling "But Mama, I wanna win, tell him I wanna win!" 



Day 2 - It was like he had something to prove, the sun was shining and his eye was on the prize.Tristan just cracked up while he ran with all his might. I even raced behind him this time, while cheering him on. He seemed ok with his shadow always being in front of him since I joined in on the fun.


Day 3 - I just so happened to notice that his new friend was behind him and suggested that Tristan give it another go. He was ready!


While I watched his victory, it really had me thinking about how innocent and fun it is to just be a kid, not a care in the world! Wouldn't it be nice to let go of all the adult woes simply to enjoy a day of Peter Pan syndrome. Sometimes I wish my monsters never had to grow up but know it's just inevitable. In the meantime I'll enjoy all these simple moments watching my monsters being monsters.

What was one your favorite imaginary games as a child, or moment you've witnessed with your own kids?

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Must Haves for Lil' Monsters: DVD Release of New Animated Film, The Flintstones and WWE Stone Age Smackdown #WWEMoms

Disclosure// We are Brand Ambassadors for the WWE and were provided a copy of the DVD to facilitate this review, no other compensation was given and the opinions expressed are 100% our own!

"Flintstones, meet the Flintstones, they're a modern stone aged family" ..... as the opening credits play, the hubby and I are instantly brought back to our childhood days as we watched two prehistoric families get into all sorts of silly antics. Yet clearly The Flintstones and WWE Stone Age Smackdown animated film is a modern day twist on the classic, as we watch cartoon versions of WWE Superstars: The Undertaker, CM Punk (Rock), Mark (Marble) Henry and Rey Mysterio (Mysteriopal) grab a cup of coffee from "Stonebucks" (Starbucks) which got a laugh out of our ten year old, vanilla chai loving - wrestling fanatic CJ.

As the countdown to WrestleMania 31 is well underway, excitement is stirring up in the homes of fans in the WWE Universe who are going to love this new movie that's co-produced by WWE Studios & Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. Available on DVD, Blue-ray combo and Digital HD on March 10th, 2015 fans will enjoy the high energy fun, as the Flintstones (who were rated the #2 greatest cartoon of all times by TV Guide) return to center ring. 

About the Film: 

Get ready for some raw-kin’ action in this all-new, original movie that brings some of WWE’s toughest, wildest superstars to Bedrock! When Fred loses his family’s vacation money, he hatches one of his hair brained plans to get it back. It’s a sports entertainment spectacle that involves throwing his best bud, Barney into the wrestling ring with the likes of John Cenastone (John Cena), Marble Henry (Mark Henry) and even The Undertaker, with Fred himself as event promoter! The crowds roar, the “clams” are pouring in from ticket sales and even Mr. McMagma(Vince McMahon) is taking notice of all the hoopla. Can Fred keep serving up bigger and badder matches or is he in for the rocky ride of his life? Including all-star appearances from The Boulder Twins (Brie and Nikki Bella) and Daniel Bry-Rock (Daniel Bryan), it’s time to get the whole family together for a collection of hard-hitting, side-splitting laughs from the most epic event in all of prehistory!


This latest WWE crossover film (The Scooby Doo WrestleMania Mystery was a hit too!) was lots of fun and stayed true to classic Flintstones, laughter-filled adventures. Even though my two monsters (ages 10 and 4) haven't really watched too many episodes of The Flintstones in the past, it didn't seem to bother them at all because there was tons of action that featured some of their WWE favorites. Do we think it will be a hit in your house? In the words of Daniel Bry-Rock: Yes! Yes! Yes!


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