Thursday, April 16, 2015

John Hancock Insurance Announces a New Approach that Rewards You for Healthy Living #5MoreNow


Note: This is a sponsored post and opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Earlier this month, John Hancock Insurance and actor and health enthusiast Chris O' Donnell teamed up to announce how the company plans to recognize consumers healthy steps to physical, emotional and financial wellness by getting their #5morenow .
"Between filming and family, I know how hard it is to juggle everyday life and still fit in time to take care of my physical and financial health ......I try to share positive habits that keep us active now and healthy in the long term." - Chris O' Donnell

Now I hope what I'm about to say doesn't come off sounding conceited but, I get told all the time that I look at least 10 years younger than what I really am. Don't I wish! That's a pretty nice problem to have at this stage in the game I guess. Me being 33 years old people hardly ever believe I have a 10 year old and when they attempt at guessing my age, the answers range between 18 and 25. I remember when I was admitted into the hospital last year, the nurses would joke that I belonged on the pediatric floor, which would have been fine if it meant I was guaranteed more ice cream or red jello.

If you ask me how I feel physically, ha! I don't nearly feel that I have the energy of anyone half my age despite running all over this city with the two monsters in tow. I wish I could say that my young face came from years of drinking water, eating healthy and taking vitamins but that just isn't the case. I'm fortunate enough to just have good genes, and two parents that look really young as well. I remember in high school my girlfriends asking me if the good looking guy next to me was my brother, when in actuality it was my dad {yepp, I was extremely freaked out by that}.


During the John Hancock Vitality Village event visitors could sample free juices, enjoy massages and get their workout on. I signed up for an early morning bootcamp session that kicked my butt. I used to run track in high school, took Tae Kwon Do for years and I was so sore the next day and pretty upset that despite my small frame I was so out of shape. It was just the wake-up call I needed.

Consumers were invited to find out their vitality age which is an indicator of their overall health based on their lifestyle behaviors, including physical activity and nutrition habits. The average Americans vitality age is 5 years older than their actual age, I know.....kinda depressing right? But wait, don't get discouraged! Instead of just talking about how we wished we had more time to squeeze in a moment that benefits our wellness, with that new knowledge we just need to step up and set realistic goals to improve our lifestyle choices.  And John Hancock is prepared to encourage and reward those who are up for the challenge!


As parents and just in general we need to think about being around as long as possible for our kids and take the necessary steps to ensure that.  John Hancock Life Insurance with Vitality helps people to invest in both their health and wealth and work toward securing their financial future while pursuing a healthier, longer life.

Through it's exclusive partnership with Vitality, the global leader in integrating wellness benefits with life insurance products, John Hancock is offering a life insurance solution that gives consumers the chance to save on their premiums and earn valuable rewards and discounts, simply by living a healthier lifestyle. 

This new program integrates personalized health technology, including wearable like Fitbit offers those that participate rewards and discounts from major brands such as Amazon, Hyatt and REI just for walking, having regular check- ups and partaking in other daily healthy activities.

Stop by to learn more about John Hancocks new life insurance solution and the tools needed to take the steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

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