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Spring Has Sprung! Take A Stroll with the Latest from Stokke #StokkeStroll #MomTrends


Shopping for baby gear was always such an ordeal for me while pregnant with each of my boys, especially since they're 5 1/2 years apart and there are just a wide range of products out there. During my last two trimesters you'd find me flipping through magazines, searching online, reading reviews & asking the few mommy friends I had their expert opinions. With questions like: What will it cost? how much does it weigh? Is it safe? Will it match our style? Any expecting or new parent might feel overwhelmed by the decisions to be made when there are so many choices. 

The best advice I can give you while shopping around for strollers is: If possible test it out! If you were buying a car you'd give it a test drive right? Head to your nearest retailer and give the floor samples a push around, lift it up to see how heavy it is and ask a sales associate about it's features and a demo if at all possible.

Nicole Feliciano the founder of MomTrends invited a group of top NYC bloggers and digital influencers out to preview exceptional new strollers from Stokke that appeal to the needs on every parents wishlist. Stokke has an amazing lineup of strollers that are not only safe & functional but they are stylish as well. Throughout the evening we were able to push the strollers around and watched demos of how easily they could be assembled and collapsed while swooning over the bold colors, adorable prints and must have accessories.  

Available in 6 stylish colors, the Stokke Xplory brings parents and baby closer together and promotes interaction. With adjustable height seating it can be placed forward or rear facing as you go on your daily adventures. The stroller we were gifted didn't have forward facing seating which was something I wanted when the boys were just weeks old. I would have preferred to see their cute little faces while we were on the move. Early on I think it puts you at ease by being able to see their movements and facial expressions, especially if you are a first time mommy. It's great to have the option to be able to easily turn the baby towards you if he or she is upset and teary eyed, it may just take you holding their little finger or them seeing your face to soothe them.

Comfort is key when shopping around for the perfect stroller for your little one, especially if you plan to spend a lot of time out and about now that the weather is warmer. The Stokke Crusi has a high carry cot and seat position that enables baby to be closer to mom & dad and extra soft and luxurious cushioning that reduces seat depth for smaller babies. Imagine how excited I was when I won this beautiful stroller in a raffle that evening! My younger sister worked at Buy Buy Baby for years and is secretly wishing I give it to her for when she decides to have her first child because she used to refer it to all of her customers. One feature that had me sold on this stroller was the large shopping basket, which trust me is an amazing bonus for the days you have to stock up on diapers and wipes.


When we hit the busy streets of NYC we usually get to our destinations via public transportation so most likely you would not have seen us without our lightweight stroller. Through winter slush and up numerous flights of stairs in the humid summer heat & with so many things to carry: diaper bag, toys, blankets and don't forget baby! A lightweight and functional stroller like the Stokke Scoot is your saving grace. This smart stroller has a compact folding design, two way reclining seats, is easy to maneuver and has large foam filled rubber tires with built in suspension which are a must if you live in more urban neighborhoods with bumpy streets. It's also a great choice for spring and summer because it has an oversized canopy with SPF 5O+ for protection, harness protector and comes with a rain cover and mosquito net. 
{Photos below courtesy of MomTrends}




It seems like Stokke has thought of everything by creating stylish, quality strollers that have lots of accessories and make your day to day easier  while keeping baby safe & comfortable. What more could a parent ask for? Which of these strollers would be your top choice?  

Thank you Nicole/ The MomTrends Team & Stokke for having us!
Disclosure: The opinions expressed are 100% my own, I received a giftbag for attending and no other compensation was received.

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