Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Dove's Try Dry Spray: A Must Have During the Holidays for Busy Ladies On the Go #TryDry


Luckily I don't sweat profusely. Nonetheless during the busiest time of year I always make sure to have Dove's Try Dry antiperspirant spray handy in my purse or in my desk, especially if I know I'm going to be running all around town between meetings and picking up the kids. 

This holiday season it seems we are all busy bees while trying to get tasks on our to do list crossed off as we run from one errand to the next.  Let's be honest - the last thing anyone wants while wedged like sardines on a NYC train or while waiting on line for hours just to see Santa is to be subjected to smelly underarms the entire time. We've been lucky to have some rather odd but enjoyably warm weather so there hasn't been too much need for the tons of layers but typically it can get a bit warm beneath all those clothes and I'd much rather be confident in knowing i'd stay fresh, dry and less likely to offend someone who might give me the side-eye after catching a whiff of  me, lol.

Last year the hubby and I learned all about Dove's Try Dry deodorant at a Unilever Launch event in NYC event and we loved it right from the start. This Fall, Sisterhued.com, a newly launched network I co-founded provided our entrepreneurial guests who are movers and shakers within the tri- state area with their own Try Dry to take home and our raffle winners enjoyed an assortment of varied scents.



So why is Try Dry a must have you ask? Ok I for one love that it's a spray. No more smears of creamy deodorant on your clothes, yepp another inconvenience that can now thankfully be avoided. As a wedding planner my outfits for the day of any wedding was either a black blouse or black dress, and I always had to remind myself to put my clothes on first so not to waste any precious time trying to wipe away any residue that accidentally rubbed off.


There have been times where  I've headed from an intense yoga session straight to a networking event and thanked the heavens I remembered to keep a bottle in the pocket of my yoga mat bag. Don't you just get annoyed when you put on deodorant and raise your arms to see that those little beads have collected? Not cute! Well with this awesome spray that comes in 6 scents and last 48 hours you'll notice and give praise that it goes on dry instantly and leaves no residue. 


Have you tried Try Dry antiperspirants yet? Do you have a favorite?

Note: Opinions expressed are 100% my own and no other compensation was received. I was provided samples to facilitate this review.

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