Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Must Haves for Lil' Monsters: Captain McFinn's Swim and Play App.

After several trips to the aquarium over the summer, my youngest has become so fascinated with sea creatures that we recently had to purchase him a children's encyclopedia so that he could identify his favorites. Watching him puff up his cheeks to imitate a puffer fish always makes him giggle. On our walks home from school he'd even pull me into the pet store to see the turtles, mini sharks and neon fish that would leave him in awe while Id try to pry him out.

Whenever we find that a subject grab his attention we usually try to find ways to encourage his interests that will keep his curious mind engaged. Isn't it amazing when you find an app or game that makes learning so fun that the kids don't even realize the educational process that's really happening? The  Captain McFinn Swim & Play app  is geared to help preschoolers (children ages 3-5) learn social and emotional skills that they need to get along with others and to be successful in school and life – such as sharing and politeness, playing as a group, being thankful and respecting others.

The fish above at one moment tells our fish avatar to move out of the way and Tristan quickly says "Mommy that's nice of him to say, that just isn't good." It was great to know that he was able to identify that sort of negative response. 

This  app is the only one to feature live interactive guided play -- real, live people, known as Explorers respond in real time to how a child engages with Captain McFinn’s interactive undersea world.   These Explorers encourage a child while he or she is enjoying fun games and learning activities– even addressing individual game-play and learning via the child’s animated avatar name. Children can see the live explorers on the screen, and the explorers can see the fish avatars but not your actual child which was reassuring. I'll admit I was a it leary of the idea of a real person interacting with my child but it was great to learn that all explorers go through rigorous background checks and training and the app is COPPA compliant. The live explorer is definitely a unique feature because it allows for no two moments playing it to ever be the same.

When you press play to watch our video below you'll see how excited my 5 year old becomes when he hears the explorer say his name and encourages the other children playing to give each other rounds of applause.


The Music symphony had him dancing in his seat as he tried out all the sounds of each instrument to make a catchy song.

During the weekend Tristan and his big brother love grabbing their bag of costumes and dressing up while pretending to be ninjas, chefs and superheroes so I wasn't surprised that the "Who could you be" game was a favorite as he switched out firemen uniforms to mermaid fins and then to a football player in a tutu.

The Captain McFinn's app is a great way to keep little ones busy by featuring engaging activities that are perfect for curious minds.

Features Include: 100+ animated hot spots are great for silly little moments with McFinn characters, 8 different games and activities that, once completed will earn the child a badge, a chat button for parents to talk with explorers, music videos and cartoons.

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This post is part of a sponsored campaign for Captain McFinn’s Swim & Play App. I received compensation for my participation, but my review and opinions are 100% my own.

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