Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Celebrating Halloween with Dr Panda's Candy Factory and Home Designer

Disclosure: We were provided samples to facilitate this review and there was no compensation. Opinions expressed are 100% our own. 

Nobody loves candy more than our Tristan, his sweet tooth is pretty intense and if it were up to him he'd go trick or treating everyday of the year! We're really not sure what makes the month of October cooler, the fact that it's his birthday month or that his favorite holiday entitles him to collecting buckets full of sweets. Lucky for him and other lil' monsters, kids of all ages can now explore the exciting and delicious world of Dr. Panda Candy Factory—which got a spooky makeover just in time for Halloween! 

Mini Goblins, superheros and princesses and even some grown ups joined us for a fun filled afternoon of game play to celebrate Tristan's 7th birthday and he couldn't wait to try out the new app. Tristan loved the game because he could help Dr. Panda control the machines in his factory and experiment with color, flavor and shape to create tasty candy! 

Although Tristan had his brother and friends to play with, each factory has been designed so that kids can choose to play by themselves or together on one screen with a friend or parent. 

The game allows players the chance to make different kinds of candy in an endless amount of ways! Launch bubblegum in the exciting pinball factory, get creative in the gummi lab or make a mess in the chocolate creation station!  …And don’t forget to let Dr. Panda’s friends have a taste! Watch them react to your candy, and they’ll tell you just how much they love them! 

  • Design and create your own candy in over 60 ways! 
  • Make chocolate, bubblegum and gummies! 
  • Let Dr. Panda’s friends taste and react to your candies! 
  • Learn and mix how to create new colors! 
  • Play and discover together with a parent, friend or classmate!  
  • Free to explore with no time limits or scoring 
  • Kid safe!

                                                   DR. PANDA HOME DESIGNER

You know a game that's meant for the grade school age group is a hit when your tween is amazed at how cool it's features are. With Dr. Panda's Home designer not only can each player design their own household objects and outfits for each character, with a simple scan of each flashcard each item gets uploaded into the game for additional interactive fun. 

We've experienced other apps that have similar technology but what set the Home Designer app apart from others out there, is that once you scan the design the characters in the game can actually interact with them in their game play. 

For instance, in the video below, our tween CJ colored in a dishawasher and scanned it into the game and he was really excited once he realized you could actually load it with the dishes and turn the machine on.  Once Tristan colored and scanned the television, he turned it to face the friends sitting on the couch and even powered it on for them to watch. 

  • Augmented reality toy set with two modes: Design and Quest Mode
  • Age range: preschool through to grade school (4-8 yrs old)
Play attributes:
  • Preschooler:  Children 3-4YO will immediately dive into the flashcards and erasable pens to color and customize their design. They can play together with a parent, older sibling, or a friend to help them find objects, scan flashcards, review letter sounds and see words come together, creating their own adventure. 
  • Kindergarten – 1st Grade:  Children 4-6YO begin to play independently –customizing endless combinations of rooms or houses with their own creations. Enjoy search and explore missions on their own, and practice object and word recognition on the flashcards or along with their favorite in-app character – Dr. Panda or Ritchie Racoon. They’ll also begin to interact more with the characters that they insert into their playhouse and become their own storyteller.
  • 2nd-3rd Grade:  Children 6-8YO can extend the open-ended play experience by thoughtfully designs, and expanding the play scenarios with each character however they like, from using the appliances, turning on the stereo, and more. The play matching games also hone word recognition and spelling.  

Which of these two games would be a must have for your Lil' Monsters? 
Stay tuned because we'll be offering Dr. Panda's Home Designer 
in our Holiday Gift Guide

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