Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Skip the Resolutions: 3 Ways to Stay True to You and Redefine Wellness in 2020 with Truvia

How is it already the last week of January? I'll be honest I just cracked open the new planner I just swore I needed from Target to get me into the swing of the new year, and the boys and I haven't had the chance to create the family vison board we've been talking about making to manifest our goals yet. And that's all going to have to be ok! It's a brand new decade and where the hubby and I haven't made any actual resolutions for 2020, we are looking forward to making some positive lifestyle changes for ourselves and our boys.

Do you find yourself in search of that sweet spot between the pressures of parenting and your own personal wellness, and if you've managed to find it do you mind letting the rest of us in on your secret? This New Year, more than 60% of women around the country say they’re throwing conventional thinking out the door by choosing not to make a resolution, according to a Truvia® sweetener survey.

Let's be honest, how many times have you made a resolution and then felt horrible about not sticking to it by the time Springtime rolls around? As busy parents know, keeping up a regular health and wellness routine is seemingly impossible, but a new survey reveals that we may be doing it right after all without even thinking about it.

 Earlier this month Truvia® introduced the Tru To You: Real Life Wellness pop-up in New York City where the brand reimagined the ultimate symbol of resolution season – the gym. Over the weekend visitors experienced everything from work-life balance-inspired yoga to a Smooth(ie) Operator station featuring blended, reduced-sugar treats.

With 10 kids between us, ranging in ages from infant to sixteen, I'm sure you can understand how my friends and co-founders of the Wellanin Collective and I eagerly welcomed a few hours that centered around wellness. As you can imagine, it gets pretty dang tough to squeeze in an early morning yoga class in between drops offs, juggling corporate life, multiple hustles and all the extra-curricular activities that we schlepp our kids to. I'm personally so busy trying to find fun ways to keep my tween and teen moving and unplugged that the non-stop going usually feels like a work-out all in itself.

As four mom-prenuers we completely understand the importance of self-care and have our own struggles with finding balance in our day-to-day routines. Managing to get our tribe in the same space is a rarity and even with the best of intentions. We ended up one person short this time around as Val ended up on mama duty with her two kids who weren't feeling too great. We toasted to our new endeavors and friendship and admittedly I didn't feel guilty about 1 or 2 cocktails since they were made with Truvia. As someone with Crohn's disease, happy hour isn't the most fun when overly sweet, alcoholic beverages make my gut angry.


According to a recent Truvia® sweetener survey*, 90% of women agree with the following statement: “I’m doing it right if my kids make it out the door to school on time.” But while the kids may be on time, parents constantly struggle to find time for themselves, with nearly 65% of women saying that finding time to workout is more stressful than actually working out and 58% of women agreeing that running around with their kids is a better workout than taking a spin class.

Listen, we don't drive so trust me when I say if we wore a Fitbit our steps counter would be pretty impressive. Our tween isn't a fan of walking but once I drop him off at school, I skip the bus ride back and enjoy my 20-minute walk home and to pick him up every day. Gotta get it in, where ya can fit it in and sometimes that won't look like a full workout at some swanky gym. However hubby and I have signed up for a Class Pass trial to mix up our fitness routine, and I'm so excited to get moving like I used to.

So what do these perceptions on parenting tell us about what wellness really looks like? This very question inspired Truvia to survey women across the country to get to the true meaning of wellness. As a part of the new “Yeah. You’re doing it right.” campaign, the Truvia® brand asked 1,000 women ages 25-65 how they define wellness and the results are clear: there isn’t one “right” way to do wellness.


With more than 65% of women saying that finding time to work out is more stressful than actually working out – sometimes the best wellness hack is looking outside the gym: 
·      Class is out of session: Nearly 3 in 5 moms say they get a better workout running after their kids than in a spin class.
·      Core – we mean chore – workout: Over 80% say that household chores count as cardio.

Let’s be honest, we’re all lucky if we can remember to actually eat healthy meals throughout the day, let alone actually work out! Some of us just aren’t making time to fuel our bodies as is. There have been plenty of days where I've been so grateful to have one of our kids’ snacks stashed away in my bag, Go Go Squeez is always a lifesaver! Don't feel bad about the sweet treat you baked, it's ok to indulge every now and then especially if you swap out your regular sugar with a sweetener instead.

 60% of women prescribe to the mantra, “everything in moderation, including moderation,” especially when it comes to their diet: 
·      A slice of heaven: 71% agree veggie pizza should always count as a serving of vegetables.
·      Reshaping the food pyramid: Over 70% say they’d choose to replace one of the five basic food groups with an indulgence like baked goods, caffeine, or alcohol.


Where some of us may need that first cup of jo or chai tea to jump-start the day, others may need to take 10 minutes just to meditate in the shower. Wellness is also about finding balance and headspace:

·      A daily cup of Zen: More than 80% say their first sip of coffee, tea or smoothie in the morning is their daily moment of Zen.
·      Early mornings for the win: Nearly all moms (90%) say they’re “doing it right” if they can get their kids out the door to school on time.

Are you looking forward to redefining what wellness looks like while staying true to you? Let’s continue to find the balance and leave the pressure behind us, there is no better time than 2020 to actively pursue good health in new ways.

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