Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Cause for Jubilation.....Anderson Cooper, Sarah Jessica Parker & Retro Handsets

 I haven't been watching t.v. too much lately in the afternoons, now that Oprah is gone. To my surprise I was excited to see the new talk show "ANDERSON" on channel PIX11 @ 4pm here in NYC hosted by CNN Fave Anderson Cooper. It tapes here in New York City so I've already requested tix for my mommy, mommy-in-law and myself ,Whoo Hoo!! can't wait.
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Anyway on Thursday September 15th  the guests were "I Don't Know How Does She Do It" film star Sarah Jessica Parker and the cast from the the movie. Anderson who has a fear of cellphone radiation gave her the cutest gift ever: A retro cellphone handset and in my fave color: PURPLE!!
Last weekend we were at a birthday party for a 1 year old and all the guests thought it was hysterical that 4 of the babies (my 10mos. old Tristan included) were more interested in their parents cellphones then they were any of their colorful toys surrounding them. Placing them to their ear and shouting "HEH-WO". My hubby insisted that we buy one of those old school blinky eye, rotary dial handset toy phones for our oldest CJ when he was a baby. Whenever i take it off the shelf and place the handset to my ear and say hello Tristan gives me the most puzzled look because to him that just isn't a phone. For us; gone are the days of a house line so can we blame him? 
SJP said her twin girls would think it's a toy and would be pleased with the color choice!! With a stylish mom like SJP I'm sure those girls have impeccable taste, I want one too.
Check out video on the Anderson Cooper Site of Sarah Jessica Parker discussing her twins while trying to maneuver her retro handset ( SJP Talks Twins).
 I found some on and they come in a rainbow of colors.
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