Saturday, September 10, 2011

Happy Weekend.. Celebrating Life

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Happy Weekend All!! Our saturday is bursting with celebration parties.. Happy 1st Birthday to Emily & Kali and a shower filled with love for soon to arrive baby Truth..

Who doesn't love a Birthday? I've started creating boards on pinterest and browsing through blogs to get ideas for our baby Tristans 1st Birthday. It will be a Carnival themed  costume bash since his b-day is right around halloween.. I'll be sharing my brainstorming ideas this week!!
Kate Spade said it right!! with all these parties and planning i realized my BIG 3-0 is less than 5 months away. All I know is there will be nothing but purple and gold, sequins and my fave people! I'm going to Embrace it! 

xoxo Dellah


  1. Love the carnival themed costume party idea...I probably won't have another "major" party for Ethan until he's 5 and I was deff planned to have it carnival themed (I can't believe I am thinking that far in advance). For his first birthday, Ethan's having a joint nursery rhyme themed party with his cousin who is turning 5. We can't wait!

  2. Thanks Shelly, we are really excited about the baby's 1st birthday party. I'm trying not to go crazy purchasing things. He isnt going to remember but i want it to be special just not break the pocket. You know what i mean? So are you familiar with If not check it out and look for nursery rhyme themed stuff for Ethans party. I'm sure the food at your party is going to be delish. With a Carnival themed party i'm hoping to be low key with food, mini burgers, hot dogs, nuggets, pizza, cotton candy, lots of sweets so that my hubby isn't slaving in the kitchen..haha!



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