Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fabulous Fête: Come One, Come All ... Circus themed 1st birthday party

Celebrating a 1st birthday is one of those special one of a kind moments to never be forgotten.  I automatically knew that we'd be doing a Carnival/Circus themed birthday party for our Tristan Riley. He's our very silly monkey who likes to climb on people, do somersaults and burst into uncontrollable laughter when nothing is even going on. Yet he's also very rough and tough like a lion and thinks he's king of the house. I often feel that our lives are like a circus, always so much going on so the theme fits just right. With Tristan's birthday being 3 days before Halloween we are hoping to add a lil spooky-fun flare to the festivities and adorn costumes too!! I've been looking for inspiration on my two favorite sites and Let the Countdown begin till party time: 3 weeks!!

  Come One, Come All to Tristan's Big Top Circus!!

First year Circus themed photo clips found on Etsy
 These photo clips are perfect for displaying all your favorite snapshots of your child over the last 12 months. How do you decide which ones to pick?  I have some hard decision making ahead of me.

Our lil Monkey @ 3 days old . Happy 1st Halloween

Tristan @ 9 months old

Image Via: Hello Lucky found on

How adorable is this party decor? I love the cookies and I was planning on giving that same board book in the background "ABC is for Circus" as favors for Tristan's baby friends.

I know it's wishful thinking but I wonder if I could convince my hubby that this $300 Ferris Wheel  for displaying cupcakes i found on Etsy is essential for our party. I can see him raising his eyebrow to say "yeah right, keep dreaming!" This would be cute for a  bridal shower or a wedding.

The Ferris Wheel is probably out of the question for my budget so this extra cute Circus Tent inspired cupcake stand is definitely a great next choice and the hubby agrees! It's only $8 on Oriental Trading.

Image via 

Circus Train centerpiece found on

This Circus train centerpiece is so simple yet perfect. It reminds me of two scenes from the Disney classic movie "Dumbo". I love the song "Casey Junior " that's played when all of the animals are packed onto the circus train off to their next destination. As a kid i was always excited when the circus came to town...well to Madison Square Garden.

 I also love the scene where we peak inside each train car and see all the circus animals sleeping with their mothers and Dumbo being rocked on his mothers trunk while "Baby of Mine" is sung... Oh the love between a mom & her child.

I know, I know, very cheesy... Back to the Party Planning!!

Image via:
Image via:
Say Cheese!! In celebration of Halloween I'm hoping our guest will join us in costume. Just in case not everyone comes prepared we will have a bin of costume accessories: wigs, feather boa's clown noses, funny glasses etc.. I can't wait to see all the pics and I'll be sure to post and share with you. My hubby is going to be the Ringmaster, Tristan a lion/tiger, Chris either the strong man and I a girlie clown, simply because i want to wear a tutu!!

Image via:
I found this collage of photos on pinterest and these were just a few images that Aria put up of her daughters 3rd birthday. Click the link above to see more from this party. I loved the prize table that she had and the duckie pond looked like fun!! These are just the kind of memories I'm hoping to create.

xoxo Dellah


  1. where did you find the circus train centerpiece...i am looking everywhere and cant find them???? please help!!!

  2. I am searching for a similar circus train centerpiece - did you buy or make it? I need to find, buy or make about 35 of them for a party and I have to figure out if this is doable by tomorrow. Please let me know if you can help.



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