Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fabulous Fête: Carnival Themed Party Ideas for Kids at heart

So all of this brainstorming for Tristan's 1st birthday party made me realize a Carnival themed party for grown-ups would be a blast to plan too, so I searched the web to share some amazingly fun ideas with you guys.

Never too old for cotton candy!! My bestie and I enjoying the pink-a-licious treat

Cotton candy rock candy found on Martha Stewart Weddings

Image via: joyforhome.blogg

Shots of Milk topped w/ sprinkles are so fun. I think I'll give guests the option having strawberry or chocolate.

Image via
Loving the cotton candy filled martini glasses and the Bride to Be's top hat!!

Dreamy confection found on

A  fabulous costume! I adore the mini top hat.  Image found on

The makeup is so simple, I'm loving her heart shaped pucker, I'm going to do this!!
Image via

All I need now is to find the perfect tutu for this soiree and I'll be all set......I've never been the girly girl so wearing a tutu is on my bucket list! I'm Looking forward to celebrating my lil' monsters 1st birthday by clowning around and creating lasting memories with those I love & I hop you've found a little inspiration for a carnival themed party of your own.


  1. I am just in love with these carnival themed party ideas. I loved having a glance at this post. It has given me some gorgeous inspirations for my daughter’s birthday bash that I want to host at the local indoor party venues in Chicago.



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