Monday, September 26, 2011

Check out the BROOKLYN BRAINERY and get Schooled #RevelinNY

Being a mom of 2 rambunctious boys, wife, daughter, friend, grad-student, blogger and Crohns patient  I realize sometimes even just the idea of learning something different or exploring a new hobby gets lost in keeping up with the day to day. Flipping through the pages of Time Out New York I remember reading about the The Brooklyn Brainery. They describe themselves as an accessible, community-driven, crowdsourced education.

Affordable classes on anything and everything are hosted there.  Everyday people from Brooklyn and throughout the city can check out the unique classes being offered. The course topics seem to be limitless, if you can think it up they are willing to offer it. The other great part of the Brainery is that if you are passionate about a topic you don't need to be certified or have a degree to teach it, just a willingness to open up someone else's mind to something you think they'll love too!

Course topics have ranged from origami making, bee keeping, sign language, chutney making, reupholstering, exploring philosophy, Haitian creole to the history of pizza. I've been watching a ton of Nate Berkus and glimpsing at D.I.Y projects on of reupholstered ottomans and I'd love to take that class. I will say it seems they have a good following there because that class and a few others are waiting list only, so I'd sign up quick if something interests you.

Image via: Brooklyn Brainery
Classes meet for either one, two, or three weeks, and are reasonably priced between $15-$30 and you can get certificates to give as gifts. I think I'll be gifting a few for birthdays and Christmas! If you get to check out before I do,  please tell me what class you took and how it was..

Bunches of Xoxo's 

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  1. This place sounds awesome! If I still lived in BK, I'd deff try to take a class or two.



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