Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Cause For Jubilation: SLEEPOVERS

                   Another rainy, cloudy day in NYC.  Currently I am in walking, talking, blogging Zombie mode. My eyes are open but truly I'm sleeping.Yesterday was a long day of keeping up with my Tristan a soon to be 1 year old  who tried to eat my science home work experiment, and managed to climb up and into his bouncer all on his own, (which is now newly added to his repertoire), and catching up on the dreaded school work. I thought in honor of my lack of sleep the last few days we could celebrate Sleepovers, an event in which sleeping is the very last thing you'd actually want to do. I'm hoping by the time Tristan's second nap time rolls around this afternoon, I can curl up in a blanket with one eye watching dvr'd Rachel Zoe episodes, one eye in a magazine and the other closed to the silence of dreamland.. um wait, that's one eye too many .

This past weekend my boys and I got to sleepover at The D'Annas house with Mike, Rach and lil miss Emily (who is utterly adored by Tristan). It was like a mini vacation, we didn't have to cook or clean or swat mosquitoess and simply enjoyed our time with friends and some much needed relaxation! I'm also obsessed with their Keurig coffee maker and i'm trying to justify buying it for the guests at Tristan's birthday party. It also gave us grown-ups an opportunity to reminisce about what we loved most about Sleepovers.

Sleepovers were always a bunch of fun growing up. Gathering up all your besties to adorn their cutest pj's and character slippers to see who was going to stay up the latest. It was the one time your parents didn't hassle you too much about going to bed!as long as you kept your voices down. You'd stay up all night watching t.v and scary movies, gossipping about boys. One of my favorite sleepovers was with my bestie Liza, we didn't go to our Junior High School prom so she stayed over at my house. We pigged out on junk food, played Sega video games, I braided her hair and we had a dance party while watching MTV videos till the sun came up.

Who can forget the games we played to pass the time, everything from the Ouija board ( I'm sure I'm not the only one who moved that pointy arrow thing to different letters and pretended it was really a ghost), to twister.
How can we forget those silly teenage games that glorified a young girls addiction to boys, talking on the telephone and spending all of our time aimlessly wandering the mall with no money (mall madness)
After all that exertion of energy, we'd end the night telling ghost stories and giggling uncontrollably while our parents shushed us to sleep.

 Most of us would probably knock out for the night, and anticipate the next day's breakfast, or is that just me being greedy?  

You can never go wrong with cereal, you can enjoy it at any point in the day: my all time fave being Lucky Charms!
Move over Rice Krispies, there's a new treat in town!
If you need more than just cereal wouldn't you love to wake up to a stack of pancakes or a plate of sweet french toast kebabs?

Now that I'm all grown up I think this space would be ideal for a girlfriends Brunch and sleepover
So inviting, so relaxing!

What are some of your favorite memories of sleepovers as a kid? do you still enjoy them with friends and family now?


  1. Can you imagine if they had a "girls nite out/sleepover" B&Bs!!!! well, until then a spa day with the girls will just have to do. speaking of which, maybe that should be our next girly outing???

  2. I'm sure a bed and breakfast catered to BFF'S around the world would absolutely love it, spa treatments, wine, chocolate, music, yoga/pilates, a media room, a reading room, pool, jacuzzi and a hobby room, or themed weeks for hobbies..
    I think a spa day would be great, lets say in celebration of you and Tacha's birthdays!! I'm sure I could find us a deal on living social or groupon

  3. That's a great idea. And yes if anybody can find a deal, it's you ;-)

  4. Oh my God, I need a sleepover and a nice round of M.A.S.H. stat! You took me right back in time with those games.



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