Monday, October 17, 2011

The great Debate: To buy or make this years Halloween costume?

Halloween is only 2 weeks away and I'm having a difficult time juggling my focus between Tristan's 1st birthday party and all the fun stuff of Halloween for CJ who has yet to decide what he wants to be for Halloween. He either wants to be a character from Star Wars or from Dragon Ball Z. Have you guys bought your costumes and the ones for the kiddies? or have you decided to get the glue guns out, the felt, the pom poms and glitter and get creative this year? 

This Lego costume is really fun and easy to do. The great part about it is family and friends can make similar costumes and just choose a different color!!

image found on

From Etsy shop: Not the Kitchen Sink 

I'm a big Sushi lover so these are just the cutest!! I love that they come in varied types. I'm sure my readers could recreate this at home. Unfortunately this item already sold on Etsy and the shop isn't taking anymore custom orders until after Halloween but I thought I'd share!

Paper Doll Costume from  Disney's Family Fun Magazine

The Planet Saturn found on Real Simple Magazine's site

Image via:

I'm really trying to convince the hubby and CJ to be be Mr. Carl Fredericksen and Russell from the movie "UP" they are such a funny pair! 

"Well blow me down!" I found this cutie on OhDeeDoh

Gumball Machine from Country Living Magazine

 This Mary Poppins Costume was found on one of my fave blogs Keiko Lynn

We were out at Madison Square Park this weekend and saw the cutest little girl dressed up as a bunch of grapes in a purple leotard covered in purple balloons for the Time Out New York Kids Fall festival. The idea was so simple, so frugal minded and absolutely adorable! When I think of homemade costumes I think back to my childhood get-ups that my mommy made me. The first one that comes to mind that always makes me cringe was the infamous "Tree". A huge brown paper bag collage of leaves, twigs, and those brown string bean looking things were glued on and two little eyes were cut out. All I can remember was thanking the stars that I wasn't at home in our neighborhood that year and that we were trick-or-treating on the Lower East side with my grandmother where nobody really knew me.

There was also the time I was a fat black cat with living room pillows stuffed into my leotard and the years I wore a ninja costume and a Casper the ghost costume. Despite how much I may have initially dreaded wearing those costumes I always had a great time and more importantly ended up with bags full of treats. Looking back I really appreciate my mom taking the time out to create them for me.

I hope you enjoyed some of these homemade costumes I found searching through Pinterest  in hopes of a bit of last minute inspiration.

xoxo, Dellah

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