Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Cause for Jubilatiom: Fall Foliage + Sweater Capes


  Morning All! I was up bright and early and I'm off to tackle the city streets with my wifey Erin {a woman I friggin love so much that there's no way if I were of the male species I wouldn't marry her! plus we are both Aquarians, born a day a part}. We've been planning this day for weeks, and the hubby has been asking me the last two days if I'm excited.... um yes! I love my boys but there's nothing like catching up with a girlfriend over brunch, shopping and pausing the "mommy" button for a bit. Before you know it Fall will be over and that Jack Frost chill will be a permanent fixture and Cristmas tunes will be in the air.  I can't wait to take in the magnificent colors of fall in Central Park, check out The New Museums Carsten Holler: Experience exhibit & spy out a few hot shops in Soho for some early holiday goodies 
{I'll hopefully find a new cape sweater for me}.
What's your must have fashion staple for fall?
Hope you enjoy your weekend.
xoxo, Dellah

Loving Kelly Rowlands  sweater.  source




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