Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lil' Monsters in NYC: Check out The Eat, Sleep Play Exhibit at CMOM

 If I told you that there were a place to take your kids in hopes of convincing them that fruits & veggies, rest, an occasional gassy noise and exercise were necessary for a healthy life; that is located at an interactive, engaging,  fun- filled exhibit at CMOM  (Children's Museum of Manhattan) would you believe me?

 I have never been to anything like the  Eat, Sleep, Play exhibit that is a part of a national health initiative and praised by first lady Michelle Obama. CJ and I went this past weekend and he honestly didn't want to leave because he had so much fun. Isn't it every parents dream to hear their child utter the words "Mommy/daddy I really like this place, it's really interesting. It's making me kinda like learning about science stuff", as CJ had excitedly told me. The exhibit has over 70 interactive stations which encourage healthy alternatives,by making kids think while not making them feel bad about an occasional sweet treat, or game of Super Mario bros. Neither you or your child (geared at ages 2-10) will leave disappointed so make plans to visit ASAP! I decided to kill two birds with one stone and use this excursion for my Teaching Elementary Science graduate studies assignment. CJ and I hope you enjoy the pics! He now considers our outings "top secret missions" because he knows I'm going to share these posts with everyone, he even got in on the picture taking.


Crawl through the mouth to get inside the Decision Center * THE BRAIN.
Help it to make good healthy lifestyle choices.

While inside the brain join the social table game, where kids can play against each other to add years to their total life by picking good lifestyle choices like wearing sunblock {+88 years} and staying away from bad choices like smoking {-35 years}.

Make your way to the Stomach and feed it to keep the body energized.
 Make sure the brain listens to the stomach before it gets too full!

Crawl through the intestines to learn how our food gets digested. There will be a few giggles 
and pitchy squeals of "Eeww!" when the kids hear all the normal, but funny sounding gassy noises.

These two little girls thought flushing the toilet was the best part , even though
 most grown-ups cringed at the idea of  looking at simulated poo.

 At the "Royal Flush" kids will get to watch video images played through the toilet bowl seat showing them what normal and abnormal bowel movements look like.

CJ insisted I sit on the royal thrown instead of him for a photo. Don't I look cute?

"Thump, Thump! Thump, Thump!"
At the heart kids can learn the difference between healthy and  unhealthy blood ,
what Type 2 Diabetes is and  how obesity can shorten your life.

Don't let the advertising fool you!  In the Brain's Processing center  children learn what's misleading about
  the labels on some of the products they see everyday. CJ and I promised to cut down on  our muffin and orange juice consumption for more whole fruits.

The NYC Green Cart is the perfect spot for your toddler kiddies. Here we are introduced to the Super Sprowtz a heroic group of vegetables who's powers encompass why they are good for our bodies. Oliver onion and Gita Garlic's
superpower is "SUPER SWEET" because they are good for our hearts.



In the Sleep Center kids will learn how important it is to skip that 10pm episode of "ICarly" or "Spongebob" to get an essential good nights rest. While touring this center kids will understand that while they are sleeping their bones grow, the body defends us against germs and that lack of sleep can make us cranky, frazzled and exhausted. 

Our Brain is storing memories while we sleep. 


How long can you stay balanced on the beam without falling Off?

While playing around in this portion of the exhibit you can dodge musical laser beams, pedal a bike with your hands, and play a version of Whac-A-Mole where you measure your heart rate while trying to quickly tap moving lights.

 This ZIKE bike  didn't have a working timer when we were there {any popular interactive exhibit is  going to be shown lots of love by  many kids and a resulting broken part or 2 or 3}
but he worked up a sweat anyway

CJ enjoyed the Super Sprowtz puppet show hosted by the creator Radha and
 grooving to the  music while learning the Super Sprowtz "SUPER POWER" dance moves.

While we were browsing the gift shop we bumped into Radha, which was a great ending to the day.
Don't take your kids to the gift shop unless you are prepared to 
walk away with a Colby Carrot Puppet $26.
 It has now been added to CJ's Christmas wish list.

The only advise I have for you while visiting is probably to avoid the first free Friday evening of the month because it's going to be packed and you won't get to enjoy the experience for all it's worth. I say go any other weekend and pay the $11, it's well worth the money. You could even do what I did thanks to my mother-in law and clip the coupon out of the discount  Entertainment bookRipleys believe it or not}, it pays for itself after two or three destinations.

*CMOM is located in The Tisch Building at 212 West 83rd Street, between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenues. Directions
For Hours and Admission click here

Our fave place to eat afterwards is : Artie's Delicatessen
                                                     2290 Broadway (between 82nd St & 83rd St) New YorkNY 10024

xoxo, Dellah


  1. Dani this awesome! I really want to go, not just for the kids but it looks like a lot of fun for all of us! I would drag Bri with us too, lol!

  2. Would it be weird if I went without a child? lol I wanna go! This looks like so much fun!

  3. Oh this is a great place to go solo or with the family! I felt the need to explain to everyone why I was taking notes when CJ wasn't around but it's for everyone to check out. Tricia if you want to you can borrow CJ I'm sure he'd love to go again. When you do go have fun!



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