Sunday, November 20, 2011

Revel in NY: Check out C. WONDER for Fab Gift Shopping

The recently opened Soho shop C. Wonder can be described by all of those words and more for it's colorful & preppy clothing, fabulous & vibrant decor for the home, reasonably priced & chic accessories and even a few goodies for your pet! When my chica Erin and I went to check it out last weekend, I realized maybe our decision to indulge in the store a bit on a Saturday afternoon may not have been a good idea. For only having been open for about a month you could tell the store had already created a lot of buzz {don't let a crowd deter you, it should peak your interest}. How could you not be tempted to have a glimpse behind those shiny Green doors to see what's inside.? Here's a peak at some of the store and I'd suggest you'd go check it out for your holiday gift shopping! Don't forget to treat yourself to a little something {I was in love with a pen covered in sparkly cascading shades of purple, that was only $6} that is really affordable and you'll absolutely love.  

When you walk into the store you are instantly in awe and probably can't decide which way to go first. The Floral Vespa is too cute! Here's another up close pic of it with a celebrity rider.
                                       {Top & bottom image from C. Wonder's Facebook page}

LOOK UP!  I missed these teapot lights when I was in the store, just another reason the store is so unique.

Quilted Jackets, Puffer Vests, Blazers and more.
         Even ask to have them monogrammed {I hear it's free, I wonder if that's a permanent perk?}

Initialed mugs and notepads are great for the office, a blogger {Hint hint to my peeps}or your kids favorite teachers.

Loving these funky piggy speakers! 

I spied an awesome ride for the stylish and fun biker. This awesome bike was a giveaway on the Ellen Degeneres show to audience fans. 20% of  all bikes  purchased until Nov. 26 will go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Loving this resin box and beautiful animal print frames, they would look wonderful on any shelf.
   Check out these other resin boxes that were featured on the Nate Berkus Show.

Mix and match pieces to decorate your table with or to even display your jewelry on.

               Varied sized, brightly colored bags to carry you through the day graced lovely shelving.

 We all know accessories can pull together an outfit and their enamel bracelets and gorgeous earrings   definitely make a statement. I almost passed it but make sure to check out the charm bracelet station.

Be sure to check C. Wonder out on their Facebook page  to view more products and sign up for their emails to  get updates and the date for when their online shop opens up before the holidays. If you haven't gotten enough of this wonderful store Lonny Magazine did a feature on it. Read it here 

With all this C. Wonder at your fingertips did you spy anything you must have? Have you been to the store yet? Did you get any special goodies? Oh do tell!
xoxo, Dellah

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