Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Cause for Jubilation: A well deserved Snooze


            Whether you are a student, a CEO for a fortune 500 company, an artist or a stay at home parent,     sometimes having a quick snooze for a brief moment of rejuvenation is all that is needed to keep you going. I remember when I had to commute to work in the city, riding the train for about an hour was where I caught a few great minutes of shut eye {Just be mindful not to rest your head or drool on a neighboring rider you didn't know}and I always felt better about starting the day. Now that I've been staying home with the boys and attending grad school I still find myself craving just a few solace moments to myself to catch up on some Zzz's.
             On my way home from class one evening I remember calling the hubby and telling him not to send out a search party I was o.k.  I just needed to take a nap on the campus lawn, mind you it was like 40 degrees out and I wasn't even  worried about the raccoons or hawks that have been wondering the neighborhood lately. I was just that sleep deprived and cranky those wild animals should have been more scared of me! Have you ever lacked sleep to the point you just knew you could doze off anywhere? Where was the most embarrassing place you've fallen asleep? Where's your favorite place/dream place to take a nap? 
I posted a few dreamland photos below, I hope they inspire a nap for you! Happy Sunday

xoxo, Dellah

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This is just too sweet, nothing like taking a nap on your mates lap and sweet dreaming.
Winnie the Pooh can never steer us wrong.
Just imagine what this view looks like as the sunrises  when you wake up.

The hubby joked that he could only imagine me  grabbing a pair of scissors and
snipping away in anger and  him free falling.
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