Friday, December 16, 2011

Cheers to the Weekend

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I woke up in better spirits today, despite the frigid temps and wind that nearly blew me and the stroller away. I guess my positive energy was on reserve and tried to make an early hibernation attempt but I'll be needing a power-up this weekend because there's so much to do. We took our family photo's for our holiday card last weekend and now I need to create & send a card to wish all of our loved ones a Happy New Year! We haven't done Christmas cards in 3 years because I always send them out too late and then need to have them rushed delivered. Now to take the pressure off I do it with the intent of them getting their before the ball drops.

Today is free shipping day so I will be taking advantage of this deal to get a few last minute things before the big day. I can't believe this is the last full shopping weekend, are you almost done with your shopping? Have you had the chance to check out the last few posts on last minute shopping ideas? I'll be suggesting some gift ideas for the kiddies, the awesome guys in your life, The New York lover and for those who suffer from Peter Pan Syndrome and hate to grow up. Make sure to check them out before the day is over.

This weekend will be filled with Qt time with our favorite peeps. Afternoon playdates for the boys and the mommies, breakfast and exchanging of gifts Saturday with our Cali bound friends, girls movie night on a friends couch for me while the boys wreak havoc in the house. On Sunday & Monday my bestie will be in town all the way from Arizona with her kiddies and her beau for some New York holiday sight seeing. Here's hoping that the line at Santa's workshop in Macy's won't be too crowded and that I won't need to have CJ on my shoulders to see the holiday window displays.

For this weekend and next the Revel in NYC: What's happening on the weekend posts will be on holiday prep hiatus but if you get a chance head over to the Dellah's Jubilation facebook page for updates on events happening in NYC. I hope you folks enjoy the weekend, live in the moment & hit the streets. 
xoxo, Dellah 

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