Friday, December 16, 2011

Dellah's Holiday 2011 Gift Guide for the Last Minute Shopper: For Your Animal Pals

source {I neglected to source it, and can't find it on Pinterest now, anyone know who's it is?}
We must not forget about our fury, feathered and scaly companions who love us the most and who on some days we may love more than the humans who keep us company. Show them you adore them with one of these fun gifts:

Delight your kitty for hours with this FroliCat BOLT Interactive Laser pet toy, that will keep everyone entertained. Amazon $19.95

George the Gingerbread man, good karma rope toy from Jax and Bones $14. 100% Eco-friendly and made from chemical free natural dyed thread. A portion of each sale is donated to a non-profit organization dedicated to saving lives. 

We've gone through our share of Beta and Goldfish and I wonder if their quality of life would've been heightened in such a swanky Fish hotel like this one made by Umbra. $35

Let your kitty claw away for hours at this Tree Cat Cardboard Scratcher from Petco. $8.99 

 Designed for Parakeets and other small birds this Prevue Pet Parakeet Park Tabletop Playpen looks like something to tweet about! $24.99 at Petco

This Black Chevron Bed from the Etsy shop MarthaAndAsh looks chic and comfy cozy for your tail-waggin friend. $135

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