Wednesday, February 29, 2012

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I must apologize for being M.I.A the last two and half months, wow time just seems to have just flown by. Sometimes life pulls you in different directions and I needed to take a timeout to try and get a better handle on things. My health had been an issue as dealing with Crohns disease sometimes is and I'm not sure how but hopeful that I'll get a better grasp on how to manage it through changes in diet, meditation {I really need to stop getting so emotional and frazzled about things that are out of my control, even the AT&T rep can drive me up a wall} and by finding the right treatments both chemical and natural that will help me be flare up free, as often as possible.

Most of you may recall me complaining about my computer who was suffering from cheesy photo overload and we are mourning our loss, but greatly appreciate our friends who generously gave us their desktop since they only use their laptop.. Which couldn't have come at a better time because I am on the last hurdle of finishing my masters in education program and while completing my student teaching I have lots of lesson planning to do in the near future which will only be successful with me in my comfiest pj's, Adele playing in the background and a chai latte in my own house.

2012 has already started off a bit bumpy for us, but I think we've truly learned how to try to stay the course and keep focused and positive the best we can. Tristan turned 16 months yesterday and just battled a case of walking pneumonia but is back to his normal monster behaviors. CJ's 7th birthday passed in January and my 30th birthday came and went but not without some qt time with the Hubby, my family and besties. I'm not sure why so many women fear the big 3-0, I don't feel any different.

30th B-day celebration {I'm the 3rd one from left} at the Delancey.  I got to sparkle just as planned!
The Hubby and I recently decided we need to start working out and snap our muscles back into shape.We are exploring options for him to take some culinary courses and even a career change. He would love if I agreed to a move {preferably to Arizona}but I'm not sure I'll ever be ready to leave NYC and my fabulous support system. Other exciting news is that I'll get to be the Maid of Honor in one of my besties 2013 Caribbean Wedding. I've been waiting for a wedding and can't wait till help with the planning. It also made the Hubby and I realize that next year we will have been together for 10 years and married for 5. Can't wait to Celebrate!

How has your 2012 been so far, have you been able to knock any of those resolutions of your list? Thankfully we still have 10 months to accomplish our goals. One of mine is to continue with this blog and I hope there won't be any more interruptions. In addition to more predictable regularly scheduled posts, I will continue to post about this city I love the most and all the great events in NYC to do with friends and family, new and old. I'm not sure how detailed my posts will be {hoping to get video added} but if you haven't already, please feel free to  "LIKE'" the Facebook page because I will regularly put up NYC events, deals and sites worthy of a visit. I'm also going to be re-labeling old posts and redoing the page soon. In the meantime feel free to follow me on Pinterest if you don't already & I'm finally caving in to making a twitter account this weekend.  I'm hoping to get CJ and the Hubby in on the fun too, fingers crossed.

Until then Thanks for following and please feel free to comment on anything you like and friendly, constructive criticism is appreciated.


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