Friday, March 30, 2012

Lil' Monsters in NYC: A Spring affair in Bryant Park & Around 5th Ave.

It seems kind of silly to post these snaps of me and the boys of the first day of spring in the city because the weather here in NYC has been just a bit chilly these last few days. I wouldn't put it past mother nature to give us a random snow storm before April is finished. I know, I know, I probably shouldn't even put that idea out into the universe because this has been the best winter I think us New Yorkers have seen in a crazy long time. Hope you enjoy the snaps and that Spring has truly sprung wherever you are!

The boys and I headed to Bryant Park, while we waited for The Hubby to get out of a meeting. It was so packed out there, everyone was enjoying their lunches outside.

                                                 Such a charming little carousel in the park.

It was our first time actually going into this huge New York Public Library. CJ loved the statue lions.

                                                             The Chrysler Building

Louboutin's 20th anniversary capsule collection sparkling from a Saks 5th Ave. window, I had to take pics.

We were totally in awe of this little secret hideaway we spotted btwn. 5th ave and Madison, somewhere in the early 50's streets. The Hubby and I were so caught up in not disturbing the lucky few that knew about this tiny little lunch spot we quickly took some pics and got one of the sweetest pics of Tristan to date.

We asked Tristan to sniff the tulip and my gentle giant walked over to the tulip and whacked it right off it's stem, picked it  up and inhaled. It wasn't exactly what we meant, but moments like that are so priceless. 

Afterwards we made our way over to The Macaron Cafe for Macaron NYC Day, it was no surprise they were all out of freebies. 

It didn't matter anyway, I was insistent that it would be the day we all tried them for the 1st time and we knew it would be worth it because despite there being no more samples, they still had a long line.

Tristan had the 1st tasting and is a fan of the dark chocolate flavored macaron. I had to put my camera down to clean up the sweet crumby, gooey delight he got all over his clothes!  

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend wherever you are and you can follow me and check out more pics  of this outing and everyday snaps of my cheeseball boys, The Hubby and I on Instagram @DellahsJubilation.

Live in the Moment,
Bunches of Xoxo's

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