Friday, April 20, 2012

Fabulous Fête: The Perfect Birthday Picnic

One of my fabulous, dearest friends Venesa is celebrating her 30th birthday with a fun picnic party with her closest loved ones. I love that picnics can be a laid back affair, and personally I always feel most like myself in something I can literally throw on that's chic, comfortable and effortless. With two boys it can sometimes feel like a daunting task trying to get all dolled up while dodging applesauce on their fingers and ketchup on their lips. I thought these two options of coral and mint pieces made for a great spring/summer ensemble for any occasion.

Sheep Meadow in Central Park {source}

Central park makes the perfect backdrop for this soiree and I'm sure we'll get tons of great pics! As of right now the weather forecast is calling for rain, but I thought I'd share some great picnic planning ideas in case those rain clouds should pass and for your future outdoor events, like Memorial Day which is right around the corner {which also means Summer Fun}.

Outdoor parties are sort of tricky spaces to decorate, yet if kept simple you will be pleased with the end result. There are a handful of creative ways to fill your designated party space: paper lanterns, pom - poms, streamers or balloons are great choices to make the area more festive.




It's essential to have something to sit on in case the party is chosen in an area with limited park benches or if the host only provides a few chairs. So a comfy folding chair, towel or blanket preferably with a waterproof back like the Anorak ones pictured below is key. Although they aren't waterproof the Target  Zip and Carry line has bold, fun, solid and print blankets at a very affordable price and are machine washable.


No picnic is complete without an assortment of tasty foods and delicious drinks and treats. Here's a few links for some picnic menu ideas:

What to pour at your picnic party.
Picnic recipes from,.
Outdoor party menus from Everyday with Rachel Ray.

With hopefully an abundance of warm weather days ahead of us, I hope you get to enjoy a picnic every now and again even if it's just to celebrate living in the moment.

Bunches of Xoxo's

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