Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How Well Do You Know Your Neighbors?

Growing up as I kid, all the families that lived on my floor in our apartment complex knew each other very well, practically like family. The parents would stop and say hello in the hallways to catch up on what was happening in their lives. There where four families on our floor with kids and we all went to each other's birthday parties and hung out at each others houses,throwing water balloons off our terraces. We always  hung out at the park with each other after-school and simply enjoyed being kids. .Each of our parents watched each others kids when they needed to make a quick run to play numbers, go to the bank or grab milk and wanted to avoid getting us dressed just to trudge through a NYC snow storm. Our building was one of several in the huge block community and every summer the neighborhood families participated in Family Day where there were cookouts, basketball games, talent and fashion shows, Dj'd music and good times. Everyone new everyone and although it may not have always been a good thing, there was a sense of community, that I always thought was nice.

Raising our own two children now, the Hubby and I are glad that we have found a handful of neighbors that have become great friends that we spend time with when we can. We make play-dates for our kids and the moms schedule gym meet-ups {because working out alone is never fun}. In the past we've had potluck dinners at a different neighbor's home every Wednesday night {I, shamefully never cooked, but sure loved to eat}. We've entrusted our neighbors to take our oldest son in case of an emergency {me going into the hospital for a Crohns flare-up} to school and doggy-sit for our Jack Russell Sonic or to pick up our mail while we were out of town. Don't get me wrong not every neighbor is friendly, there are few who pass us in the halls and don't so much as look up at us in the hallways, let alone say a mouthed hello, and that's OK. There are all sorts of neighbors, those that you adore and they're very helpful {whether helping you with your laundry cart , or sharing words of wisdom}, the couple who's always arguing so loudly, and then are making up even louder! Then there are the one who are down right nasty, some who are extremely nosy and asks tons of questions, and some you just really don't care to know. For some reason this post all of a sudden made me think of some of my favorite Television neighbors, that always gave me a good laugh and take me down memory lane:

 Whether it's in apartment complex or in a more Suburban neighborhood, do you know your neighbors by name? Do you have get togethers? or do you mostly keep to yourself? I know I left quite a few out, but do you have a favorite T.V show with a set of lovable neighbors?

Bunches of Xoxo's

*images via  1  /  2  /  3  /  Tim &Wilson  / Lucy and Ethel / Cast of Family Matters

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