Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Elated with Etsy: The Upcycled Mason Jar

This seems like such an easy way to bring a splash of color to any room with a series of mason jars hand painted and used to showcase your beautiful blooms.

I freakin' love these beautiful and simple mason jar candle holders. I think they'd make a beautiful touch to a tiny city terrace, backyard or as a focal point of any soiree. 

This idea would also be great if you used soil in the mason jars for an herb garden or potted flowers, hung to save space.

An Industrial chandelier is definitely a statement piece for any home or boutique.

I would've never thought to re-purpose a mason jar into a soap dispenser but these are very charming pieces of decor.

I hope these Etsy shop's wonderful ideas for creating something new with mason jars have inspired you to imagine up something fabulous for your space to make on your own or maybe you'll just go the easy route and shop for one of these like me {haha}.

Happy DIY'ing or Shopping!
Bunches of  Xoxo's

*images via Etsy Shop: BeachBlues  / CountryBarrel   /  OldNewAgain  /  BootsNGus  /  tickeledpinkgoods

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