Friday, April 13, 2012

Let's LINK UP: Dellah's fave links from around the web

view of AZ from the plane

Whoo Hoo! I'm sure you are all thrilled that it's Friday and usually we are too but this week we wish it weren't the weekend quite yet because it means we are packing our bags and heading back home to NYC tonight. Don't get me wrong I for one miss home a bunch and our weekends of exploring but it definitely was nice heading to the west coast for some laid back sight-seeing, good eats and great company {late night television, cracking jokes and a glass of moscato with the bestie Liza and our hubbies just about every night}.

My boys loved it here so much that we even checked out some apartments around the corner from Liza's place {big difference in how much bang you get for your buck in AZ than in NYC}. We are pretty much packed up, so we plan to walk around the outlets and take the kids to Anthem, Phoenix's huge community park before our flight. I'll be sure to post some pics of our trip on Monday but until then, you can enjoy some of my fave links from all over the web. Live in the moment & Happy Weekend!

Guess the pop culture character just by looking at their hair and find the storybook character within another. Minimalist fun!

DIY jeweled heels, for a glam night out.

When we first had CJ we painted his side of our bedroom a lemon yellow with alternating yellow and sorbet green stripes. When we moved, our living room was painted a deep red, when Tristan was born we lightened it with a robins egg blue and painted the boys room a mango/peachy color. Clearly we aren't afraid of color.. What does the color in your home say about you?

I'm currently reading this and this.

With two of my closest friends expecting babies late this year, I'm planning to share with them this Babyshower idea. 

Stroke of genius dress, simply beautiful back.

If you are ever in Arizona, check out this zoo and aquarium. I always thought the Bronx Zoo in NYC was pretty amazing but this one has a train that you can ride through parts of the zoo {you can practically reach out and touch the animals} a petting zoo you can actually step inside and a feed the giraffes exhibit {I'll be posting photos within the upcoming week}.

A Hunger Games Barbie, pretty dang cool!

Pretty swanky lounge chair for your dog.

Who needs summer to make these? I'm ready for some S'Meaches, now! looks delish.

I've always thought being a busty girl had it's downfalls... chuckle worthy comic.

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