Monday, April 16, 2012

A Day at the Spa!

There's nothing like that first hectic Monday back to work after a long vacation to make you long for a much needed day at the Spa. My day started off with an annoying stomachache {neither Crohns flare or cycle}, a frustrating call to AT&T about a billing issue {I totally lost my cool}, having to calm the anxieties of some students in the 3rd grade class I'm student teaching in {state exams start tomorrow} and  a severe case of jet-lag from our trip to Arizona.

If your Monday was anything like mine was today and you can't get away to an exotic island this week then I'm sure you'll appreciate that today Kicks off Spa Week across the states, where you can enjoy various spa treatments for $50. I actually had my first Spa Experience in February for my 30th birthday at Blossom Spa in Astoria and enjoyed the day with some of my closest girlfriends. I didn't have anything to compare it too, but for a first time experience I enjoyed every moment. This spa got great ratings on Yelp and offered a great deal: mani/pedi and 30 minute massage for $49 {for spa week they are offering a mani/pedi and 1 hour massage} and it was BYOW so I of course bought two bottles of my fave Bartenura Moscato {that my bestie Liza and I have now deemed Mama's Juice, because it tastes like a kiddie punch that instantly relaxes any crazed mama after the kids go to bed}to celebrate.

30th Birthday Spa Day {me in the tiara of course}

What are some of your favorite Spa treatments? Any great Spa's in your town? Do you prefer a great message, or facials and other beauty treatments or is a spa where you can go and meditate and do yoga more your thing?

In Case you don't get a chance to check out one of the great Spa's participating in Spa Week, I'll leave you with a few DIY spa treatments and tips for a great in home experience.You can also check out my Pinterest board featuring some beautiful Spa's from around the world I'd love to visit.

A step by step video guide to making your own homemade scrub.

 A sweet lip exfoliant DIY

21 pro secrets to an amazing at home spa treatment.

All natural Homemade beauty products.

*image of the Royal Melawane via:

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  1. Looking at this picture, I’m sure you had a wonderful 30th birthday celebration with your friends. I’m sure it became more memorable when you held it in the spa. Celebrating our birthdays in a spa is great gift that we can give to ourselves. Since it’s our natal day, we deserve to pamper and reward ourselves with soothing massage, pedicure, or manicure.



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