Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Oh Snaps! A Peek at My Week on Instagram {#1} Our Trip to Arizona 4.8.12

Like most people with an Iphone I have become addicted to something as time consuming as Facebook, never did I think that was even possible. Instagram is a great way to share your creative eye view on life with friends, family and complete strangers. I love that you can change filters and edit to your liking, I think this App has created a new breed of image/photo obsessed people who think they are all professional photographers, but I love it anyway!

Here's a peek at my first week on Instagram:


{1 & 2} I felt sort of silly for worrying about whether Tristan would be a complete monster on our flight and packed my version of the Mary Poppins bag of tricks. Luckily for us he took a nap for the first hour in the air and everyone complimented us on how well behaved he was {during the evening flight back he wasn't so pleasant because he was over tired and constipated, so there was lots of tears and screams and I got stared down from in between the seats by a woman in front of us who must have been trying to sleep}. When he woke up he loved climbing over his brother to take peeks at the view and saying "Wow" I was just pleased he was entertained.


{3 - 6.} Beautiful candlelit church atop red rocks in Sedona, Arizona and the Hummingbird that flew by us. 




Gorgeous heart shaped Amethyst {my birthstone} spotted while perusing Sedona shops.


We surely ate well during our stay in AZ I devoured these Chilean Sea Bass tacos.


Stores in Sedona were all set to celebrate Easter.


My musician CJ playing some tunes.


Rocking mischievous mustaches with the kids.


With such gorgeous, serene scenic views of Sedona's Red Rocks, life at that moment sure did feel good!


I hope you enjoyed a few photos of our trip. Please feel free to follow me on Instagram @dellahsjubilation for more snaps!

Bunches of Xoxo's

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