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Realizing When You are Standing in the Way of Your Own Success & How to Fix it.

For months I've been imagining having these insightful magazine article + book based blog discussions with you guys and just never had a moment to put it into motion. I'm taking advantage of the fact that baby Tristan is on a play date to initiate this first post.

Last week I had to be observed during a 3rd grade math lesson I was teaching as part of the requirements for  my student teaching semester I'm completing to obtain my Masters degree in Elem Ed. In one word I BOMBED! It was painful, I had planned and planned and had this nauseating feeling the whole time prior to the lesson because it was my last observation to be graded on. You know how you just feel something is going completely downhill in the worst way possible, well this was a horrific avalanche and a lot of factors came into play. Obviously I know that realistically not every lesson taught in a classroom is going to be a great success, but you hope that the students walk away from it with some understanding. My confidence took a huge hit especially because math was never my strong point. Not only did I learn where I could have strengthened the lesson, I discovered some insight into myself. I realized that I tend to turn small mishaps into these grandiose life altering tragedies and then want to give up on whatever it is I'm struggling with.

In the May 12' Issue of  Marie Claire there was an article entitled "How to Get Out of Your Own way"  which talked about ways women are self-destructive when it comes to their own success, whether in the workplace or relationships.

 Adjunct Professor at Pepperdine Universoty's Graduate school of Education and coauthor Michael Patterson of the new book about self- defeating behaviors, Have a Nice Conflict discussed in the article this idea that : "To one degree or another, most of us have blind spots about our own behavior. These blind spots make it easy to find fault in others when things don't go our way, like blaming our flawed parents,  our crummy bosses or the entire world!--- and prevent us from seeing that often the person standing in our way of happiness and success is the person staring back at us in the mirror.

As my supervisor and I discussed where I could have improved, I held back tears and couldn't even look my cooperative teacher in the eye because I was so upset that I had received this "unsatisfactory" I just shook my head no, and lowered my head in embarrassment {like a child who knew they disappointed a parent} when she stared at me to get a feel for how I did. In my head I kept saying "WTF" throughout my entire collegiate experience I hadn't failed anything so what the heck happened? I took it to the next extreme and thought despite all my success as a Pre-K head teacher, experienced with creating curriculum and my 8 weeks of student teaching that I just wasn't cut out for teaching.

Yea I know I took it to the next level by basing my entire teaching career on this fluke of a lesson and tried to figure out where I went wrong: the math lesson was extremely hard for them to comprehend, it was the afternoon and harder to get them to focus and let's face it most of them are extremely smart but tend to be extra chatty.

 After thinking of every reason why it wasn't my fault it took me a day to realize what role I did play in the lessons failure and it had more to do with me personally and less with what was in my curriculum book. I let my nerves get the best of me and sort of jinxed myself by over analyzing the situation. Looking back at my past I realized that when I fail at things, or there's some sort of conflict I have a tendency to heighten the situation with unnecessary dramatics because I can't control my emotions {disappointment, frustration, anxiety, anger or sadness} or I end up wanting to jump ship all together. I remember in high school I was notorious for breaking up with a boyfriend and bailing on the entire relationship after an argument, assuming we just weren't right for each other, rather than trying to figure out how to fix the situation. Only to write him a pitiful note asking to work it out after a few hours of sulking, crying and sad love songs.

Arguments with my father in my late teen years always turned into these huge, teary-eyed screaming blow outs, that made my whole body tremble. In past discussions with bosses at work or with doctors treating my Crohns disease I would express my concerns so passionately that I would sometimes come off as insubordinate or a know it all because despite me being right they didn't like me questioning their authority. I even recall one manager saying I couldn't expect the promotion I was up for if I didn't change my attitude and act more like a team player. Even now as a married mom of two, I find it difficult to recognize when I'm wrong, honestly because most times I'm pretty sure I'm not. When my husband does call me out on something it really is hard to swallow and I can be a bit aggressive but to my credit I can suck it up and apologize.

Heidi Grant Alverson, a motivational scientist at Columbia University Business School, who writes the blog The Science of Success says "You have access to so much information that other's don't, like your past experiences, your beliefs about your own abilities, your fears and insecurities. All that extra data affects your interpretation of what you do --- so self defeating behaviors make more sense and seem more reasonable to you."  

So How do you Know if you are getting in your own way? The article suggests looking for a pattern of setbacks big or small in your life, like not being promoted knowing you are the most qualified or by figuring out why you haven't been in a long term relationship you've wanted for years and instead can't get past the third date. After you've gone through a list of excuses it recommends you look at your own behaviors. The first hurdle is to get  past our own blind spots and you can do so with the following steps:

4 steps were given to Clear Your Way:

  • Ask for an honest assessment from people you love & trust
  • Don't get defensive! accept constructive criticism to make positive change.
  • Live your ideal life for 10 minutes: If you want to embrace and find love, be a more loving person.
  • Be patient with yourself. Plan what you are going to do differently in order to make a new behavior automatic and realize it isn't going to happen over night.
I hope you guys enjoyed this post and would love to read your thoughts on how might you be standing in the way of you? I'd also love to know if you guys would like to see more magazine and book related posts to discuss.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Elated With Etsy: SCRABBLE TILES

I was cleaning out our storage ottoman of board games and found the travel scrabble the Hubby and I bought when we first started dating and took our first trip to Las Vegas. We joke that I'm the book smart one and he's the one with the common sense, but we always have a tight game when we play each other {I usually use the word QUA as my secret weapon when I need to get rid of that annoying "Q"}. It's been a while since we played, but maybe we'll keep the board out and play a round or two this weekend. I think these Etsy finds are really fun & creative ways to use scrabble tiles, don't you?

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Weekend! Let's Link up

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! What do you guys have planned to celebrate this three day weekend? I know here in NYC we are hoping the weekend doesn't turn out to be a complete wash with it being opening weekend at the beaches & a few amusement parks. I'm sure a few folks might have a BBQ or two planned, my invite must have gotten lost in the mail, so save me a plate! If it rains we'll be forced to finally clean up the cluttered computer desk and do the three big bags of laundry we pretend is invisible and I'm hoping we have an all clear to bin up the winter stuff once and for all. 

Here's a few of my fave links to help you pass the time in case we get rained in or in between your fabulous planned outings: 

 60 Family & Friends & the Bruno Mars "Marry You" song lip dubbed = sweetest proposal eva!

Inspiration from an Indian spice market: Thakoon for Nars nail colors.

American Idol finalist Jessica Sanchez holding her own with legendary Jennifer Holiday. Powerhouse vocals!

Kids with more swag than me! via Sho & Tell 

Looking for 1 or maybe 15 cocktails to kick off Memorial day weekend?

May the art be with you! Happy 35th b-day Star wars!

A fun and vibrant hued bouquet perfect for a summer wedding.

Perfect gifts for the SUPER DADS in your life, one and two .

Who would've guessed a Park Ave. water tower could be turned into this modern chair.

Two words: Peach Cobbler!

Arch-future, 13 amazing Green buildings from around the world.

M&M commercials, always cheer me up.

Thanks for LINKing Up with me this weekend!
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Revel in NY: Weekend Happenings May 25th ~ May 28th

It's officially time to get out those bathing suits and let BBQ season begin. I am certainly not ready for a bikini but I am always ready to eat, but from the looks of the weather and the predicted thunderstorms us New Yorkers may have to celebrate our 3 day weekend indoors. I'm hoping there will be just a few quick passing showers, but nonetheless I've included some indoor and outdoor family fun for your enjoyment. We aren't sure what our Saturday has in store (Governor's Island or Brooklyn Bridge Park) but on Sunday we will more than likely be at the NY Hall of Science. I'm glad to finally have a Weekend Happenings post back up for you guys. It does take a bit of time, but I know it's useful to have events listed all in one place. Feel free to stop by the Facebook page for events in the city that I think are just as awesome but aren't listed below.

Friday, May 25 through Sunday, May 27- The 17th Annual Lower East Side Festival of the Arts

Cost: FREE
Where: Shows are held in various spaces:  Johnson Theater, Cabaret Theater or Outside     
When: (May 25th) Johnson Theater 6pm-1am/ Cabaret Theater 7pm-1am 
               (May 26th) Johnson Theater 2pm-5pm & 6pm-1am/ Cabaret Theater 12pm- 
                 12am/ Outdoor festival 12pm-5pm
                 (May 27th) Johnson Theater 6pm-1am/ Cabaret Theater 7pm-1am 
Who:  Everyone {Family, Date Day, QT time with friends}

The theme of this years art festival is LEGALIZE FREEDOM: ART AS ACTIVISM. Performances will include, theater, poetry, comedy, music, dance, video and art. 
For more event information: 

Friday, May 25 through Tuesday, May 29- Fleet Week NYC 2012

Cost: Most events are free with admission, a select few may have additional costs.
Where: Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. Pier 86, West 46th street and 12th Avenue.
When: Fri. May 25th 10am-6pm, Sat. May 26th - Mon. May 28th 10am-7pm & 
               Tuesday May 29th 10am-5pm
Who: Everyone {Family, Date Day, QT time with friends}

In honor of the men and women of the United States armed forces, The Intrepid Sea, Air and Space museum is celebrating the 25th NYC Fleet Week.  This year's Fleet Week also marks the bicentennial of the war of 1812 and will welcome tall ships from around the globe.  Celebrate with special performances from Broadway and Off Broadway shows, Sesame Street Characters. Enjoy hands n interactive displays, and kick off their annual summer movies screening on top of the flight deck.
For more event  information:

Saturday, May 26th  Opening Day of The Victorian Gardens Amusement Park 

Cost: There is a $6.50 entrance fee on weekdays, and a $7.50 entrance fee on weekends. 
           Unlimited ride wristbands are $14 on weekdays $16 on weekends. Kids under                
            36 inches are FREE.
Where: Wollman Rink in Central Park. Enter Park from 59th street and 6th avenue.
When: Everyday Sat. May 26th - Sept. 9th 2012 various hours of operation. This Saturday 10am-9pm
Who: Everyone/ Kids 12 and under.

At Manhattans only outdoor amusement park, spend the day with family enjoying great rides and carnival games in  Central Park. The boys and I have gone once and I think, although somewhat pricey (we got a deal on Groupon last year) it's perfect for toddlers and kids up to the age of 12 because it isn't as crowded as Luna Park (both parks are managed by the same company) or Great Adventures. Enjoy live entertainment on the weekends from local performers and the usual carnival fare, hot dogs, cotton candy, popcorn, ice cream etc. 
For more information and schedule of performances:

*My boys, nieces and I at the Victorian Gardens last year, we had a great time & rode everything at least twice.

Saturday, May 26th The Secrets of Central Park Family Scavenger Hunt
Cost: $22 for adults/ $17 for kids ages 7-17
Where: Central Park 5th avenue and 64th street is meeting point
When: 10:30AM
Who: Ages 7+ {Family, Date Day, QT time with friends}

Watson Adventures has created a scavenger hunt for kids and adults to explore the park below 72nd street. To score points you'll have to find Stewart Little, stick your tongue out at a rude animal, learn the motto of a hidden eagle, decipher a secret code by the pond seen in Home Alone 2, and more. 
For more event information:   

Saturday, May 26th The Governors Island Alliance Family Festival
Cost: Event and Ferry to the Island are Free!
Where: Governors Island 
When: 12pm-4pm
Who: Everyone {Family, Date Day, QT time with friends}

Celebrate the 8th annual Governors Island opening day festival at Nolan park, for theater, music, dance, arts and crafts, face painting, activities and performances from Astrograss, the Maybelles, Arm of the Sea Theater and the Quantico Marine Corps Band.  The Department of Transportation will also be on hand for helmet fittings and helmet giveaways while supplies last. 
For more event information:

Saturday, May 26th & Sunday, May 27th  Opening Weekend of Field Station: Dinosaurs
Cost: Adults $20/ Kids (3-12) and Seniors $17.50/ Children 2 and under FREE
Where: Laurel Hill Park, One Dinosaur Way Secaucus ,NJ
When: 10am-5pm 
Who: Everyone {Family, Date Day, QT time with friends}

Head 9 minutes away from New York and travel 90 million years back in time to meet the most amazing 30+ realistic looking, animatronic dinosaurs (there's a 90 foot long Argentinosaurus, the world's largest animatronic ever made) your eyes will ever set sight on. Field Station: Dinosaurs is a world-class family attraction that combines cutting edge science with the creative minds of great artists and teachers to create a one-of-a- kind experience that's thrilling, educational and fun through workshops, games and activities.
For more event information:

Saturday, May 26th through Sunday, May 27th  The 5 Boro PicNYc on Governors Island
Cost: $25.oo/ For every paying adult a child gets in Free
Where: Governors Island 
When: 11:30am-4pm
Who: Everyone {Family, Date Day, QT time with friends}

Enjoy this new 2 day only celebration of gourmet food & craft beers while grooving to live music. With over 20 food stations and a wide selection of craft beers to try & you can enjoy music all day! Check out the Grilled cheese cook off and the hot sauce tasting. 
For more event information:

 Sunday, May 27th  Spiderman Live at The NY Hall of Science
Cost: Free with admission/ museum entrance is free on Sundays btwn. 10am-11AM
When: 12pm & 1pm
Who: Everyone

Find out what Spiderman can teach us about the strength of webs, gene-splicing and more. Join NY SCI for special guest appearances and science demonstration by cast members of Broadway show, Spiderman Turn off the Dark. Members can also take pics with Spiderman during an exclusive meet and greet. Tickets will be handed out on the day of the event on a first come first serve basis.
For more event information:

Whether you plan to hit the beaches, have a picnic in the park (if the weather holds up) or you decide to check out a new or old favorite exhibit or even just a lazy day at home, enjoy & live in the moment!

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Oh Snaps! A Peek at My Week on Instagram {#3}

Here's a peek at my week of sentiments of love, NYC events and random goodness:

The Hubby can be such a cheeseball sometimes. We sang this song to each other when we first started dating. Our guests sang it with us on our wedding day and we sing it to our boys all the time! It brought a big cheeseball smile to my face when I saw it. Oh, and yes those are some sort of squids on our shower curtain, from Ikea.

Tristan and LeeLee making smoochy faces! I hope they'll be bust buddies forever.

I made a trip to the mall in search for black dresses for my new training position as an assistant wedding coordinator. I channeled all the will power I had so not to indulge if I wanted to fit in those summer dresses.

I was really feelin' this Zebra print top from Forever21.

The boys and I had a blast at the NY Baby Show and right before his nap, Tristan and I even snapped this pic with actress, mommy and guest speaker Ali Landry.

{Clockwise} 1. CJ and I scoped out the books at the Scholastic Table // 2. I can't wait to get one of these Joovy balance bikes for Tristan, and maybe one for me since I never learned to ride. // 3. I thought this onesie was adorable. What kid doesn't first recite their alphabet this way?

{Clockwise} 1. On our walk from pier 92 to Hells kitchen I snapped this pic of this Taxi mural {It's my new screen saver}.// 2. We made a pit stop at the two day long Ninth Avenue International food festival, which is one of our fave annual festivals to stuff our faces, buy new sunglasses and enjoy the sun! // 3. Hester St. fair was busy but far less crowded then opening weekend. We finally got to pick up our prize basket. Our two fave items were the Drunken Monkey Jam, which is made from bananas, rum and limes and tastes amazing. The Hubby and I can't wait for a quite evening where we can top some vanilla ice cream with these spiced pears {he's been working nights, so we've been on opposite schedules}.

{Clockwise} 1. Sunday May 20th was my first day of training as an assistant wedding coordinator for My Bridal Budget LLC. The Catholic Church had stunning stained glass windows. 2. The owner of MBB and my childhood friend Fouzia definitely had her game face on during the ceremony, while the videographer, photographer and she waited for the brides arrival. 3. The ceremony ran smoothly and the bride, groom & guest were thrilled for the union of their families.

1. Waiting for the downtown A train, I must admit I was happy to sit down to take a moment to reflect on a new creative journey in my life. // 2. This glass of moscato was a great end to the evening.

I decided despite a slight drizzle to let the boys help me walk our dog Sonic. Tristan was so proud of himself for walking the doggie and helping his big brother.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks snaps! Feel free to follow me on Instagram @dellahsjubilation.
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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Elated with Etsy: The Brooklyn Bridge

    Bench on the Brooklyn Bridge Photograph 

       Brooklyn Bridge Lunch Bag

    Brooklyn Bridge Necklace 

    Iphone 4 cover

     Brooklyn Bridge Throw Pillow

I love that the shop owner that created the Brooklyn Bridge Necklace uses the phrase "Wear your story" for their Etsy shop. I'm sure a lot of New Yorkers and Tourists have fond memories of this iconic NY site. I've only had the pleasure of walking the Bklyn Bridge once about 2 years ago when we did the Crohns & Colitis Take Steps walk to raise funds and awareness (I've persevered through 12 years w/ this autoimmune disease). It's an amazingly beautiful bridge for strolls, bike riding and photos. This summer I'm hoping to walk the bridge again with my boys and visit the Brooklyn Bridge park & the historic Jane's carousel

What's you favorite bridge in the city you're from or a city you've visited?

Here's a pic of my Team: Perseverance in 2010 & me preggo with Tristan on the bridge

{from left to right: The Hubby, My bother, Me, My mom in law Patricia, and my dad & friends Guitelle & Richard in the back & my oldest son CJ in the front} 


I hope you enjoyed these Etsy finds & my Bklyn bridge memory!
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images via Etsy shops: EyePoetryPhotography // girlscantell // Below14th  // ToGildTheLily // NestaHome //

A Cause for Jubilation: Breakfast with a View

Morning Guys! I'm just finishing up my first cup of coffee of the day as the Hubby scrambles to throw my breakfast in some Tupperware, so CJ and I can race to our perspective schools and I thought to myself wouldn't it be lovely to just slow down and wake up to having breakfast waiting for you with such gorgeous, serene views like these. It makes me wish that our tiny NYC appt. came with a little terrace so I could look out onto the nice landscaped garden our building community shares and people watch.

Where would be your most desired place to enjoy great views and tasty food?

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Revel in NY: Mom's Night Out Mommybites Summit 2012 & A Giveaway to The New York Baby Show

Two weeks ago my girlfriend Rachel and I met downtown at the 34th street New Yorker Hotel for a night of mingling, expert advice, food & wine, shopping and let me not forget the awesome SWAG bag!

 Mommybites is a great community for parents here in NYC and for future planned locations that offers great resources, support and education through webinars, classes, national events, and blogs. If you live here in NYC, you can attend lunches, in person support groups and summits to connect with other families. The website also has a great mom-generated nanny/childcare board and a local listings section for finding real estate, part time work, casting calls and tons more.

I have to tell you, I encourage everyone I know to attend this event because it's so beyond worth the $25 ticket just in food and drinks alone and it's a great way to spend an evening with your fave people and a few 300 other people. Rachel and I attended with another friend  two years ago when all three of us were pregnant and had such a great time and this year didn't disappoint. I think we actually had an even better experience this time around and look forward to going again {the Hubby even asked if he could come}.

This years keynote speaker was Gretchen Rubin  the author of the New York Times best seller The Happiness Project. Her discussion was insightful, thought provoking and very entertaining {she had us jumping up and down in the aisles to get our blood moving, to prove the importance of exercise}. I know having that "burnt out" feeling isn't just a symptom of being a multitasking NY mom, but just a part of being a where-ever you live mom. One thing she said that resonated with me {although I'm up typing this post at 1:30am} is to know your bedtime the same way we know our kids bedtime. Sometimes the only way I feel I'll get any "me" time or Hubby and me time is by putting the kids to bed first to get things done and I know I'm not alone. This book will have you questioning what HAPPINESS really means to you and the best ways to achieve it. I can't wait to find a moment to read it.

Ok, now for some pics. I only snapped a few because I really was caught up in the moment and had such a good time {which I think is a vast improvement for me because I know I tend to get caught up in images as a blogger lately}I later realized I didn't even get a snap of me & Rach the whole evening.  

* At the end of this post I am offering my first GIVEAWAY, so keep scrolling!

One of my favorite vendors of the evening was CultureBaby an online global baby boutique that specializes in international clothing, toys and accessories for babies and children.

There were tons of vendors to shop from, whether you were looking for a baby item for your expected bundle of joy or if you needed family portraits taken, or a hands free umbrella that attaches to your stroller,  there was an array of tempting choices to pick from.

 The first thing we did when we got there was find where the food station was set up because I had a headache and was accompanied by a very hungry Rachel + one. The pasta dishes were great, one was extra creamy and cheesy while the other had a spicy kick to it that I'm sure a lot of the preggo ladies enjoyed. I felt so bad for the staff walking around with trays of small tasty bites being followed around by the masses. There were also sweet treats, coffee and tea that made a perfect end to the night.

I spotted a few of the "dads" bunched up and hanging out by the open bar. I say kuddos to those who did bring their beau with them because it probably made it easier to just hand them the bountiful swag bag or raffle winnings to lug home.

By far I think the best place to be was at the Britax table area. It was like Oprah was there giving away cars from the screams and shouts of excitement that echoed across the room, but I guess a few $500 strollers given away is close enough. In celebration of the movie release of  What to Expect When Expecting, they were raffling off several strollers, car seats, carriers and accessories every 10-20 minutes. I swore Rachel was going to call for a do over when the number called for the stroller she wanted was four away from hers {that's her in the left hand corner, getting product info}.

 At the end of the night we walked away with a Swag bag full of stuff, I couldn't fit everything in one picture but it included some great book reads {one just for dad}, a Britax stroller caddy, grooming kit for baby, products for mom and a bunch of other stuff I got from vendor tables {and yes if you are one of my friends or fam expecting a baby, you just may find one of these items in your gift basket from me, Surprise!}. Overall It was a great event and If you missed it this year be on the look out for next years!

Now, about that Giveaway I mentioned above: This Saturday May 19th & Sunday May 20th is the New York Baby Show at pier 92 from 10am - 4pm. This event for expectant and new parents is going to be fun, and educational with great keynote speakers and several exhibitors including Mommybites & Britax, more than 100 baby brands, play areas and activities for the kids, meet and take pics with characters, a free stroller check up and test drive & tons more! 

 I thought that I'd offer 2 family tickets { each for 2 adults and up to 4 children} to 2 randomly selected  followers for Saturday and Sunday. 

All you have to do to win is:  Leave a comment on this post telling me 
What part of the baby show/ key speaker or vendor do you most look forward to seeing?

 For an extra chance at winning you can "like" the blogs Facebook page .
If you've done that already, send someone over to like the page, and have them comment on the link to this post on the FB wall saying who sent them. The more people you send to like the page the more chances you have to win.

The last Giveaway entry can be submitted by 5pm Friday May 18th. I will announce the winnerson Facebook Friday evening May 18th by 6pm. Please make sure you have submitted your email so I can contact the winners. Good luck!

**Update: Congrats to Lovidy for winning tickets to Sundays event!

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Elated with Etsy: Fascinated with all Things Ombre

There's something about Ombre that make me feel extremely giddy. The fading change in bright, intense splashes or calming, cool shades are a great way to celebrate color! I've been eyeing a skirt very similar to this one that I hope is still at Fox's, seeing it on pinterest made me realize I still want it.

 Have you, or are you planning to incorporate Ombre in your wardrobe or home decor?

*images via Etsy shop: TheFlairExchange // FreshPosey // Vitrine // RetroMenagerie// SucreShop  //    Adaura

Monday, May 14, 2012

Oh Snaps! A Peek at My Week on Instagram {# 2}

My bestie Liza from AZ surprised me with some early mother's day tulips! The ladybug painting was made for me by her oldest daughter for my 30th b~day.

While shopping for his grandma's gift Tristan decided to try out the Daisy swingasan chair at Pier 1 Imports. I think he likes it!

I'm adding this studded swanky find to my collection of textured pillows ASAP.

Targets five new boutique shops are amazing. I am coveting everything from the Privet House line.


I love the days I get to dress up, especially when the Hubby picks out my outfit {lol} he really has such a good eye for what he likes to see me in!

I'm quoting my beautifully preggo chica Marta in yellow "What better place to enjoy breakfast for dinner then at Ihop", so very true. I tried not to over indulge and even had whole wheat pancakes.

The Hubby promised me cookies for mother's day and they were freakin' awesome.

In my anticipation of The Cloud City exhibit @ The MET that opens this week, my wifey Erin who was in the neighborhood snapped and texted me a pic.

If you are interested in following me on Instgram, you can find me @dellahsjubilation!

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