Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Elated with Etsy: The Brooklyn Bridge

    Bench on the Brooklyn Bridge Photograph 

       Brooklyn Bridge Lunch Bag

    Brooklyn Bridge Necklace 

    Iphone 4 cover

     Brooklyn Bridge Throw Pillow

I love that the shop owner that created the Brooklyn Bridge Necklace uses the phrase "Wear your story" for their Etsy shop. I'm sure a lot of New Yorkers and Tourists have fond memories of this iconic NY site. I've only had the pleasure of walking the Bklyn Bridge once about 2 years ago when we did the Crohns & Colitis Take Steps walk to raise funds and awareness (I've persevered through 12 years w/ this autoimmune disease). It's an amazingly beautiful bridge for strolls, bike riding and photos. This summer I'm hoping to walk the bridge again with my boys and visit the Brooklyn Bridge park & the historic Jane's carousel

What's you favorite bridge in the city you're from or a city you've visited?

Here's a pic of my Team: Perseverance in 2010 & me preggo with Tristan on the bridge

{from left to right: The Hubby, My bother, Me, My mom in law Patricia, and my dad & friends Guitelle & Richard in the back & my oldest son CJ in the front} 


I hope you enjoyed these Etsy finds & my Bklyn bridge memory!
Bunches of Xoxo's 

images via Etsy shops: EyePoetryPhotography // girlscantell // Below14th  // ToGildTheLily // NestaHome //

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