Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Oh Snaps! A Peek at My Week on Instagram {#3}

Here's a peek at my week of sentiments of love, NYC events and random goodness:

The Hubby can be such a cheeseball sometimes. We sang this song to each other when we first started dating. Our guests sang it with us on our wedding day and we sing it to our boys all the time! It brought a big cheeseball smile to my face when I saw it. Oh, and yes those are some sort of squids on our shower curtain, from Ikea.

Tristan and LeeLee making smoochy faces! I hope they'll be bust buddies forever.

I made a trip to the mall in search for black dresses for my new training position as an assistant wedding coordinator. I channeled all the will power I had so not to indulge if I wanted to fit in those summer dresses.

I was really feelin' this Zebra print top from Forever21.

The boys and I had a blast at the NY Baby Show and right before his nap, Tristan and I even snapped this pic with actress, mommy and guest speaker Ali Landry.

{Clockwise} 1. CJ and I scoped out the books at the Scholastic Table // 2. I can't wait to get one of these Joovy balance bikes for Tristan, and maybe one for me since I never learned to ride. // 3. I thought this onesie was adorable. What kid doesn't first recite their alphabet this way?

{Clockwise} 1. On our walk from pier 92 to Hells kitchen I snapped this pic of this Taxi mural {It's my new screen saver}.// 2. We made a pit stop at the two day long Ninth Avenue International food festival, which is one of our fave annual festivals to stuff our faces, buy new sunglasses and enjoy the sun! // 3. Hester St. fair was busy but far less crowded then opening weekend. We finally got to pick up our prize basket. Our two fave items were the Drunken Monkey Jam, which is made from bananas, rum and limes and tastes amazing. The Hubby and I can't wait for a quite evening where we can top some vanilla ice cream with these spiced pears {he's been working nights, so we've been on opposite schedules}.

{Clockwise} 1. Sunday May 20th was my first day of training as an assistant wedding coordinator for My Bridal Budget LLC. The Catholic Church had stunning stained glass windows. 2. The owner of MBB and my childhood friend Fouzia definitely had her game face on during the ceremony, while the videographer, photographer and she waited for the brides arrival. 3. The ceremony ran smoothly and the bride, groom & guest were thrilled for the union of their families.

1. Waiting for the downtown A train, I must admit I was happy to sit down to take a moment to reflect on a new creative journey in my life. // 2. This glass of moscato was a great end to the evening.

I decided despite a slight drizzle to let the boys help me walk our dog Sonic. Tristan was so proud of himself for walking the doggie and helping his big brother.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks snaps! Feel free to follow me on Instagram @dellahsjubilation.
Bunches of Xoxo's


  1. Awe, Thanx Shoko they keep me on my toes! can't imagine my days without them.



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