Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fashion Frenzy: I Know Kids That Have More Swag Than Me

While raising my two boys CJ 7yrs. old and Tristan Riley 19mos. I realize I truly pick out their clothes to match their ever-changing personalities and the choices are endless {although I can't stand that the options for little girls is always three times the size of any clothes section for boys}. Tristan Riley is our rough and tough guy/ lil' monster who is a fearless daredevil, while CJ is Mr. Theatrics who plans to star in one of his fave Nickelodeon or Disney shows someday and most recently has been asking for a new suit for special occasions and wants to sport a tie while hangin' on the playground.

When I taught Pre-k I remember having a student in one of my classes who always came to school wearing two completely different shoes on purpose. There would be a purple Tom on the left foot and a red ballet flat on the other and her parents were totally cool with it, seeing it as her form of expression. Sometimes I wondered if her mom had put her up to it or if she just felt like being little miss mix and match for the day.

I love kids that we spot on the street that have more Swag {style confidence} then the grown-ups they live with. I wish I could pull off some of the outfits these pint-size fashionistas and dapper fellas rock so effortlessly. A few weeks ago while catching up on my fave blogs I stumbled upon this tumblr of Kids with Swag & here's a few of my fave looks:

Aren't they some of the best dressed kids you've ever seen? Are you a fan of kids with swag or do you think people pay way too much attention to what the youngsters are wearing?

Before I leave you, here's a mini documentary on a few 8 year old girls thoughts on what fashion & style means to them {who has the best style, what they think of fashion models...} & a few other fashionable kids spotted around the web: French Gangstas , Kiddin' Around  , hideandgostyle, I love this girls pose and All about Eve.

Bunches of Xoxo's

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