Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Oh Snaps! A Peek at My Week on Instagram {#'s 4 & 5}

So with all this warm weather fun, I've been snapping away pics and throwing them up on Instagram but I haven't had a moment till now to put them in a post. Here's a peek at my week:

Breakfast of champions: vanilla yogurt, Quaker oats brown sugar oatmeal squares crushed up & grapefruit.

This dish the hubby made was the perfect way to make up for leaving my lunch at home. The combo of Italian sausages, penne pasta and stir fried veggies hit the spot and was perfect with my Pomegranate & Hibiscus ginger ale. 

My 3rd graders made friends after-school with these visitors, they were a fun distraction.

Some day Tristan will fill his daddy's shoes. Until then we are enjoying his little silly self.

 Jane's Carousel in Brooklyn Bridge park is one of the prettiest and by far the cheapest {$2/ a ride} we've ever been on here in NYC.


Stunning view of the carousel under the Brooklyn Bridge.

 Spotted lavender under the Manhattan bridge.

We loved spending part of our Memorial Day weekend exploring the park and it's definitely on our list of places to go repeatedly over the summer.

The boys were in awe of the skyline and the ferry boats passing by.

Stores like this shop Dumbelle make me wish I had a little girl to play paper dolls with. The pastel fun colored lanterns and pennants were calling me inside, as my boys dragged me away. 

We have yet to eat here but the pizza at Grimaldi's must be amazing for a line like this.

Street art found around and below the Manhattan bridge.

We ended up getting pizza that night from a local spot and one lil' monster couldn't even wait for us to open the box.

What kid isn't a fan of cartoons? CJ loved learning about cel animation, apparent motion and how to draw some of his favorite characters at the New York Hall of Science's Animation exhibit.

Our building community's garden.

My bestie Liza called me up from Arizona to tell me she found the dress for her wedding this fall. I sent her this pic in a text when I realized it would go perfect with the bracelet I wore on my wedding day and I plan to give it to her as her "something borrowed".

Fun times with my boys// Bath time with Tristan // CJ trying out his scooter trick he dubbed "the Praying Mantis" // Tristan cheesin' for the camera // My mini me CJ and I shadow posing, he's a rock-star!

Impromptu family gathering with Margaritas to celebrate the weekend.

The Hubby was so tired, when he tried to text me photos from our date day this past Sunday he accidentally deleted them, so there isn't one of us together.

I'm loving my new haircut and rockin' anything that's coral! // Street performance violinist at the DayLife Lower Eastside event // We had to make a stop to the infamous Katz deli for a pastrami on rye. 

I haven't watched When Harry met Sally in ages but sitting next to the table at Katz where they partook in such an orgasmic meal is just one of the reasons why I love NY.

We made a quick stop to see my Wifey, her beau Harper, her mom who was visiting and their fat cat Lenon. I love their apt. it's so charming and full of little details. I've always wanted a brick fireplace {I'd settle for just a faux brick wall} in our place and I need to get that huge calendar they have above the computer. 

I  hope you enjoyed this peek into our life & for more pics follow me on Instagram @dellahsjubilation!

Bunches of Xoxo's

*images taken with camera+ and picstitch App

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